Thursday, November 23, 2017

Mr Bird Sends Warm Wishes This Thanksgiving

It was a very simple Thanksgiving. It was just Murphy and I. So since it was Thanksgiving I figure we should have a center piece on the table, plus a table cloth.
Although we didn't do the nine yards with dressing and such. We had a small turkey, fresh cranberries, and bake yam.
I did up some egg custard.
It suit us just fine. I don't feel like I over did it.

Talk to Sawyer today. We're changing our plans going down to Medford. the following week. One thing I try to get my grown children something fun for Christmas, piece of  clothing, and a little for there home. This year it going to be locker hook rugs for the home.

Today I wrap some of the gifts, we will be taken down to Medford Oregon. Still waiting for Betty socks and I need fine Sawyer something. Thinking of T-shirt. Having the saying "Native Bonners Ferry, Idaho" but it depends how much it will run. Actual I'm hoping to fine something else.

I don't do Black Friday. And those business who open on Thanksgiving won't get any of my business this up coming holiday shopping, it's for friend and family to recall there blessing. I doubt any of them is getting time and half.
I can understand hospital, police, and fire being available. But I call retail just being greedy.
So I'll go over to Regis tomorrow. Then I ask Liz if she want to do little shopping this coming Saturday. Its SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY and I rather put my money in our local economy.

Coffee is on


  1. Mr. Bird is a delight!

  2. I like your table centrepiece, he's very cute.

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  4. Hari OM
    I agree about the commercialism which reigns at these times intended for spiritual and social introspection. I fear the genie is out though... Glad you had a peaceful and tasty day. YAM xx

  5. Mr. Bird is so cute. I would have liked our centerpiece to have sent him a greeting, but this year it was a row of tea lights in a brass candle holder. Last year our 8-year-old grandson made a paper pilgrim for a centerpiece, but Mr. Pilgrim did not put in an appearance this year.

  6. Very cute centerpiece.

  7. That is a great bird. And I'm with you--I won't go shopping on Thanksgiving. If enough of us do that, they'll stop having shops open.

  8. That Turkey centerpiece is awfully cute. That black-Friday is a crazy concept with all those fighting and everything that I read about on paper and hear in news. I have never done such shopping yet.


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