Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Morning VS Evening Post

I been hearing it best to journal in the morning? I look at my blog as possible a journal and a lot of other things.
Question time...when do you feel is best time of day to post your blog?

I'm more ambition in the morning then other time a day. I figure my mind, and spirit in better state, if there such a thing.

This morning I went to my weight lost group and I was down 1.5 pounds. I did stay way from sweets quite a bit. Please don't get the ideal I did it 100%
But our group is now doing. Pick three items you need to work on and work on these items...Mine are no sweets, increase movement, and water.

It been slow going with Sawyer and Betty rag rug. I'm liking the brown around the edges so far.

Well I found they cut back Liz CBRS (Social worker)  to one hour a week. Not sure if she was getting 3 or 2 hours a week.
They want the personal care givers to take up slack. But with our current adminstrain I don't see them increasing my hours or wages to take care of this.
It's not I can't handle it, but Opinion time...They need a variety of people in there support system just not one or two people.

Been picking at my family history. I just realize that my great grand parent Elisha and Cythia  (Brunson) McCalmant had only one daughter Maud Alice and 6 sons. Although they both had children from previous marriage.
I learn at one time he was a game warden.
He died the same year I was born. My mother thought Her Great Aunt Ellen was some one who put on an act. I'm not sure were she gain her info. But my mom wasn't one to make up stories...She said Aunt Ellen would clean her home up and call a minster in and tell him she was dying. The lady live well into her 90's.
any how this is my great uncle and great aunt...Guy and Ellen (Fraily) McCalmant.

Coffee is on


  1. Hari OM
    Hmmm... never given much thought to the 'when'; I just write 'em and stack 'em! I agree that a wider net would be better for the clients - but the 'powers' are only interested in the costs. Your aunt was a good looking woman but she reminds me of my own great aunty Minnie; she could moan for the whole of purgatory that woman and there wasn't a day without an ailment! YAM xx

    1. He had a half sister name Minnie. And also I believe he had an Aunt also name Minnie.

  2. What a good looking couple, he looks a bit like Ryan Gosling.
    I blog in the afternoon when I've got all my jobs out of the way and I can sit, relax and think. xxx

  3. I usually write blog posts in advance and schedule them to appear in the morning. I write whenever I find the time.

  4. I write my blogs over the weekend, usually Sunday, and then schedule them to post at 8 AM my time. Since blogging is kinda personal, and people can check my posts any time, I find that it doesn't much matter when as long as I am consistent. But you gotta do what works for you.

  5. Hi Peppy thanks for visiting my blog. I hope to see you there often. I loved this post and will be back for more. Greetings Jo

  6. One daughter, six sons AND children from previous marriages??
    That's a BIG family!


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