Sunday, November 12, 2017

Just Passing Though Sunday

Yesterday which was Saturday, felt like Sunday. Well today is Sunday. One thing I try to do on Sunday is get my self organize for up coming week.
It's been while since I share a photo of Daisy

I know Monday I'll be going over to Troy for my quilting class. One thing I would like to learn is how to do is appliques on things.
I'm leaning for Christmas 2018 doing hot pads for people.
I still haven't locate my locker hook tools.

I did order a few items for Christmas. And few non-Christmas items. It's estimate that the American Family will spend between $900 to $1,000 on Christmas. Not even close to these number.
One thing I try to do is purchase my items from small business, when possible.

So Regis want to go down to Sandpoint this up coming week. I need anther tote to put my fabric, it's just flung around, Wal Mart will have this.
I also want to stop in at ZERO POINT and get a few reasonable price stones for my Yule Alter.

I had 76 things last week in my bullet journal today and I complete half of them. Little more this week I have plan to do.

# 8 30 days of gratitude...What book are you grateful for?...I'm not grateful one book, but I'm grateful for all the wonderful books they have at the library.

Coffee is on


  1. Good progress on your list. I hope your locker hook tools turn up soon.

  2. Hari OM
    Dora, I a locker tool, I can understand 'misplacing'... my warm blanket father two Christmas back, and which I use a lot on my winter bed - looking to dress for this winter I cannot find it. How does one lose an entire blanket??!!!

    Yes, gratitude for all books - but if pressed, I can narrow it down to three; The Bible, Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads. All of life is contained within these, and a few stories too... YAM xx

  3. My father was an English teacher. Books are my life blood.

  4. Hello and thank you for dropping by our bloggy! Daisy looks so sweet!

    Momo, Pinot & mom

  5. Me too Dora, the world would be a much less exciting place without books.. I always seem to have a pile of books waiting for my attention :) I am definitely not going to be spending that much on Christmas, it's way too commercial these days. Daisy looks very sweet, how old is she Dora?

  6. Me too! I like to get organised for the week to come.

  7. You asked "What book are you grateful for?" and didn't name just one. I'm the same in terms of my having so many favorite books. In other words: I'm very grateful for being able to read, and there being so many great books out there for me to do so. :)


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