Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Better Pay Attention

Not sure if I'll be going to work later in the day or not. I haven't put in any time with Liz. She isn't home and her rig wasn't there. She isn't much to venture out much by her self. So I called and drove by the place she usual goes.
I know she see her head therapist this afternoon, and I'll call around four to see if she around.
This coming Thursday her son Paul has to go to court for his sentence. so who knows what will happen. This isn't his first rodeo when it comes to court system.
I sure hope he gets the help he needs.

We're planning to go down to Medford after Thanksgiving. As I notice we're in November and I haven't started on there looker hook rug. I did decided to pin the edges down. I did get the colors of fabric cut.

I found these on esty and I thought they would be nice for my daughter in lay Betty. I've been trying to get hold of my son Sawyer. No luck so far. I need to know her shoe size. The odds are he won't know the size. So I will tell him some time in very near future look in a pair of shoes. To see what size they say.

Weigh in and I was up. We're going to run a contest though the holidays. To see who can loose the much weight.
One thing we all agree on it should be simple. Make our own chart of three things we need to work on. I know one thing I seem to have an issue is getting enough water in.
I did know my mammogram back and it looks good.
I know the health trouble of being over weight. And I continue to be.

I'm doing 30 days of gratitude and today it's the 3rd day for me...What color are you grateful for...I'm grateful all the colors the world would be dull if we didn't have multi colors.


  1. Love those slippers. I don't knit many slippers as I don't generally need them, but those look like fun to knit.

  2. I like your gratitude plan. I'm grateful for green - the colour of the trees.

  3. Grateful for purple. It’s my favorite color, the color of so many flowers, the evening sky just after sunset, grape lollipops, and my favorite sweater.

  4. Hari OM
    Like you, that we have colour and know it is worth the gratitude; but if I had to choose one, it would be yellow... those bootees look fab for the winter nights! YAM xx

  5. Hi! Dropping by for coffee. ^^ Thanks for visiting me.

    I love those red footies.

  6. Love your knitting, a fabulous colour.
    Glad to read your mammogram was good.

    All the best Jan

  7. Those slippers look so cozy. My feet are freezing at the moment and I would love these! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the invitation to drop in for coffee!


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