Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Shouldn't and Shouldn't

Weight and it went well and I was down I believe was a half pound. But I will check in my weight lost register.

After banging my head up the wall. I now can load up photos so I can now share photos. Leaves are starting to change colors. Snow on top the mountain peak. I heard snow is coming to the low level. Although if it does blanket my yard, it won't stay long.

Liz has came a long way. Confession time...I fine it stressful taking her out. She has in the past done some real off the wall things. At times I felt like crawling under the table. In the past I thought of retaining a lawyer. There been a few times I could possible see her getting arrested, and me being at wrong place and wrong time kinda of thing.
So today I took her and Regis out to the hope house. They both got some clothing, and Liz got a few extra.
We went out to see Regis dad who live fairly close to hope house.

I just couldn't get into shopping. I usual don't have trouble with depression but for some reason I was struggling with it.
I have fun looking though clothing at the thrift store. 
I'll try to convince my self fashion isn't important. But there three basic thing when I get dress I want the clothing say..comfort, fun, and style.
I still check out what they have in size 12. Don't know if I will every be in size 12 again. But one thing I don't want to be under 135. So not sure if one weigh 135 and stand 5'6 like me. What size they wear.
This morning I was trying to figure what I'll wear for work. My job don't require me to dress up. Why does one need to dress like a million bucks if there going to be house hold chores.

Anther place we stop was the Three Mile Antique Mall. For me I love there fabric section. I got some fat quarter for $1.50 each. And anther piece for $1.00 But for $3.00 one can fill up a gallon zip lock bag.
Liz got a elk antler and she going to use it for wine glass holder. Regis found this grim ripper pipe.

I had been talking about the locker hook rug I've made and hear is the one I completed. Right now I've been cutting strips for the next rug I want to make.
I also started a quilt class over in Troy Montana. But I'm finishing up the one I start last winter. Then I been cutting eight inch squares for anther quilt and it called the "sand castles" and it doesn't have nothing to do with the beach.

Coffee is on


  1. Happy to see that your photo problem has been solved! Nice picture of the changing trees. The rug looks pretty!

  2. Of course you need to dress up to do household chores. You never saw Lisa Douglas in Green Acres not dressed up!

  3. I never dress up any more --- clean and comfortable works for me. I love the pictures. :)

  4. The three mile antique store sounds great! (And the rug looks gorgeous...although I had a bit of an accident on my rug at home and mum got angry...)
    Lots of licks, your new friend Morrie :)

  5. Hari OM
    Your rug is beautiful Dora! You have such skill in your hands and compassion in your heart. The outside to some extent ought to show what's on the inside; dressing a little better helps the mood too!!! YAM xx

  6. I love the rug. I've never had a talent for crafts, I'm jealous of your ability.

  7. Yea, the picture issue has been fixed!


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