Sunday, October 22, 2017

It Is Done

I usual never think I ever complete anything. I guess there some truth a woman work is never done. Well I know I wasn't going to complete this quilt. There this spot on the quilt that I'm having diffucult sewing the binding down, several attemps and now I'm ripping it out and will try to move it over a bit.

It been quite windy and three of our fence post blew over. Two from our veggie garden and the other one from our strawberry patch. So we replace them.
I notice a bird next in one of the tree that lost all of it leaves.

These are some of squares I will possible be using for my next quilt. I believe I need 78 8 inch ones. I might want to put in an extra roll in.

I just finish up anther tarot cards, which was the page of swords I just drew anther one and it was the two of swords.
I have some ideal what I feel I need in this up coming card.
Well the swords deals with thought, logic, and intellegence. and number two is dealing with such things as joining together.
But soon as I get the two of swords done. I will take the last three cards I done and tell a story of BOGAS. tarot reading in simple story telling. No one can truely see the future.

Yesterday since I couldn't fine any dividers, and it was sujected I make some. I like this ideal. So I been looking around and yet haven't came across anything and ceral box would work great. So I have no reason to go to Sandpoint which has a dollar store. So for now I will keep looking for things I can make dividers with. But if I fine some under $2.50 I will pick them up.

Murphy called me to look at one of the sunset. I'm taking part in a seven day challenge to post a black and white photos for the next photo.
I like how bright that one tree and reflected colors on the pine trees.

Coffee is on


  1. The sunlight on the trees is very pretty.

  2. I'm so glad you now have photos back on your blog. I used to sew many years ago, but have not done it for quite some time now.

  3. Great photos. I love watching your craft projects come together.

  4. I used to read tarot cards many years ago. Handmade cards would be really wonderful. I like your black and white shot! (Thanks for visiting Sequim Daily Photo.)

  5. Hari OM
    What a great idea to show both versions of the photo; the both are delightful but for different reasons... the colour is obvious, but the B&W brings out details otherwise lost. YAM xx

  6. I like that sunset photo. Newsagents that sell stationery and office supply shops should have dividers and they don't cost much at all.

  7. Love the material for your quilt Dora, so pretty. My daughter's fences blew down on the last windy day here ☺

  8. Oh, wee, at first I thought you got snow already!

  9. That colored picture of the trees is gorgeous!

  10. Making dividers is a good idea.

  11. I really likes your blog! You have shared the whole concept really well and very beautifully soulful read!
    Thanks for sharing


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