Monday, October 02, 2017

It Could Of Been

For many medical and mental reason we're encourage to walk. Confession time...I love to walk. But the flip side of the coin. I just have a horrible time in time management when to do it. This morning I was draining time. I got up little later then I planned.
Well I thought when Regis was at the library I could squeeze a short walk in. But my excuse "It was raining" although not hard.
A good walk usual clears my head or I come up with some of my best ideals. Lease to me I think there wonderful ideals.
What is latest ideal  you came up...or.....problem you solved?
Both my clients been told to walk for part of there mental health program, and guess what they don't.
Opinion time....If they would take a little walk I believe they would be a less of chance for them to take sleeping pills, or a lower dose.
As you see I don't and could.

I took my lap top and stop in the computer place, to see why I can't get photos on. Well the battery was dead and I forgot the cord. One of those "It Could Of Been"
I'll try again.

Before the library Regis and I stop at Walmart and the quilt I will be making. One start out with and 8 inch square. I stop in to see is they had a template for 8 inch square and to come to think about it. I only seen 4 1/2. 6 1/2 and all ending in halves.
I'm sure something can be worked out.

Weigh in tomorrow. Won't say anymore. Let see what the scale will say.
As I was at Library I did get a pen pal letter done.

Coffee is on


  1. Even a five minute mini walk can do you good.

  2. All the templates with the extra half inch - well that half inch is probably the part you turn under, so buy an 8 1/2 inch template to get 8 inch squares once you sew them together.
    Walking is the best easy exercise, relaxing, and free too.

  3. If you could get them to walk with you, you could get your walk in at work. Win/win.

  4. Hari OM
    Hah - LizA beat me to it; combining activities is not only a good time management though. Company can bring an extra boost to that activity and expand the benefits. YAM xx

  5. Due to my cateracte surgery I am late in comments, sorry ! I know that walking is good for the health, but I only walk if there is something to photograph, otherwise I prefer sitting on a bench and admire the walkers !


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