Saturday, October 14, 2017

In An Minute We Move Foward

This morning and we did have a light frost. I did mange to get a short walk in. The larch haven't yet start to turn color. If your curious what a larch way to explain it, would be...A pine tree that change colors and loose it needles. But actual it classify as a deciduous fir tree.

A short time back a larch was remove. The field is own by a Mormon family. And they do have sense of community and family with there own members.
I guess one of there members need help with firewood, and was willing to take a larch out and gave it to him.
But like many religious organization there to much Male controlled.

But it did change the landscape. When a tree is remove there something will advantage and others it doesn't.

During one of late summer wind storm. I believe it was in 2016. That a top of tree blew out. And the people who own the field across from us, pulled up. So Murphy and I went cut and split it as firewood.
At one time our main source of heat was wood, and supplement with gas. Now gas is our main source of heat and supplement with wood.

There a few things I need to finish up. But I'm going to fall over a some what political rant. I guess it depends way you lean. I recently made a comment about Harvey Weinstein. But we have a sexual predator and perv as our President. Do you recall during the election when Candidate Trump use the phase "Grab em by the pussy" In being fair I should mention "Bill Clinton and Monica". Before social media it was pretty much could be kept in the closet. It known that President Harding was a TRUE PERV

Still need and want to do a few small things around here. The wood still need to be unload and place in basement.
There wash going and will need to be transfer over to the dryer. There were a small amount of fabric's I'm trying to get the smell out of it, to perfumie.
And as for my crafts I know I won't complete. But I still need to continue on my binding on the quilt and sew anther ball of fabric so I can continue with the crochet rag rug.
Well There an excellent change I will get the tarot card I been working on.

Coffee is on


  1. That was an interesting skim read about Harding. I'd not even heard of him. I didn't know what a larch tree was either.

  2. I remember when we had a slow combustion heater in one house almost 30 years ago now, my father in law would bring us tree stumps from out in the bush, they needed a chainsaw to cut them, they were very dense wood and one would keep the heater going all night so we woke up to a warm house in winter and we would put a big kettle on the back and have hot water for drinks all day and night.

  3. Hari OM
    We have a lot of larch in Scotland; as well as spruce and many other pines. They grow well here! As to your other topic... whilst women are not immune to animalistic behaviours, it is mainly men. Make no mistake, it is animal behaviour, the total lack of self-restraint. The thing is, it is one matter to bring to light all the famous faces for naming and shaming; but it's the zillion other men in the world who are not known except to their victims who need to be pulled out of society also... The horror is that if every family in the world was properly examined, not one would be free of having at least one man who thinks/thought they had the privilege of perversion.

    To end on a lighter note - this morning I pulled High Priestess. Appropriate! YAM xx

  4. Maybe it was Harding or even some other president that caused someone to make up this rhyme back in the day---

    "Ma, Ma, where's my Pa?
    "Gone to the White House. Ha ha ha."

  5. Maybe it was Harding or even some other president that caused someone to make up this rhyme back in the day---

    "Ma, Ma, where's my Pa?
    "Gone to the White House. Ha ha ha."

  6. No, it wasn’t Harding. The rhyme is about Grover Cleveland. There was a big newspaper scandal. Cleveland, a bachelor at the time, had been seeing a young widow. The widow had also been seeing two other gentlemen. When she found herself pregnant, she wasn’t sure which of the three was the father, but named Cleveland because the other two were married men, and she hoped Cleveland would marry her. Cleveland took responsibility for the child, but didn’t marry the mother.

    He caused a second scandal of sorts when he did marry. He was President at the time, and the wedding was at the White House. He was age 49 and the bride was age 21, the daughter of Cleveland’s best friend.

  7. Now Harding had an extramarital affair before he became president, and when The NY Times published the letters he wrote to his mistress...they were interesting.

  8. It the Times didn’t publish those letters until 2014. JFK, FDR and probably several others had affairs, but back then the papers didn’t print such stories.

  9. Ah ha! You're back with photos. Nice shots.

  10. I learned something thanks to you: abiut the larch.

  11. Frost already? Wow.
    I find it interesting how these things are now coming to light. They've been happening for centuries.


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