Thursday, October 12, 2017

Finishing Up And Going On

This will be my last posting on the so called exercises on writing your weight lost. It got me think on how I look at my self.
But there two area I need to address is more movement and those nasty snack attacks.
I call them nasty simple because they attack my when one lease expect it. Today I didn't work and very little stress. So no nasty snack attack.
Everyone, will that not quite true. I been told by some I'm a whiz at handling stress. My husband said I can keep it together under stress...He tells me....I could get every one off a sinking ship. That might be true but after wards I would stuff my face with food. So I'm either rewarding my self or medicating my self. I believe what I'm going to do about the snack attacks mostly because I handle a stressful situation is wait 20 minutes then decided if I need a snack or not.
I'm wearing my pedometer and not quite half way though the month. Notice I haven't done much walking this month. And I know there so many benefits to walking. Confession time...I set to much.
Looking at my October weather notes and walking notes. On the average I'm walking 2.50 miles a day and to be honest this is including that I wear my pedometer though out the day.

Next thing I'll be going though WORKING WITH TAROT. I'm going to start on fool journey of life. The first one the fool encounter is the Magician.
But I have no ideal when I will be doing this.

This actual angers me. That people have to go to do a "go fund me page" for medical treatment. One of our local here that his wife has set up a go fund me page. For her husband DON'S CANCER FUND
At this time I won't rant about our medical system.

Not much done around the place today. Murphy and I was going to work on the fence around the strawberries.
I did a little that deals with crafts. Wash my new fabrics I picked up at local thrift store. The reason I wash them. The local thrift store washes everything they get but they use scent laundry soap and it to much for me.
I fill up a bobbin and sewed the next ball of fabric to the rag rug, I'm working on.
Well the next thing I will be doing is sitting up the ironing board and iron out the wrinkled.

Yesterday post. I mention facebook and people rant and raving. I decided to post a little something that could be fun...What are you reading?...Then turn to page 111 and post 5th, 6th, and 7th line.
I Know Why The Cage Bird Sings...The flames of fire and brimstone. But that was what the bible said and it didn't make mistakes. "Ain't it said somewhere in there...

It didn't stick around long but we had snow but it was mix with rain and didn't really stick.

Coffee is on


  1. Snow? Snow? We still have unseasonably warm weather.

  2. My SIL had a GoFundMe page for various of her treatments. It's a sad state of affairs, but the power establishment is so firmly entrenched...

  3. Page 111, line 5, 6 & 7:
    "The man was called Baron, the woman Delilah.
    They don't use them."
    People out here don't do "GoFundMe" pages, but sometimes if a family has a child who needs treatment which is only available in another country, they might hold some kind of fund raising like a sale or a barbecue or something to get enough money for plane tickets etc.

  4. Hari OM
    "..what I'm going to do about the snack attacks mostly because I handle a stressful situation is wait 20 minutes then decided if I need a snack or not..." I love that you said this Dora; it is so sensible!!! I recognise that 'coping' mechanism of keeping calm till it's all done then fall upon the food. Mea culpa.

    Now... my current book doesn't reach p111 so here are 5,6,7 of the very last page (87); having only each other, cannibals and fire, sounded like a horrible idea.

    Yeah, that works! YAM xx

  5. I still have those snack attacks myself!! Some days my will power will overrule, other times I say "I only live once!" Y'know?

  6. I always wondered if the thrift stores wash the clothes they get as donations. Now I know. Thanks.

  7. I didn't realize how little I walked until I started tracking my steps. I do try to hit 10,000 a day, but in all honesty, it's usually about 1/2 that. However, I do weight training 3 days a week, so I think that offsets me sitting on my butt the rest of the week.


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