Saturday, October 07, 2017

Before The Sun Came Up

We're creature of habits. I'm trying to revent how I start my day. Usual the first thing I do when I get up is have my morning "Joe" and watch the news.
Sooner or later as to my nature I will mess up when it comes to revent my health.
Now before I raise out of bed. I have brief conversation with my interself. So instead of my morning "Joe" I did a few simple stretches. Then my coffee.
I had banana pancake with peanut butter and raspberry jam on it. I'm not a big fan of pancake syrup. Then two strips of bacon.
I finding this so called before I step out bed conversation does help. I sure don't want to stumple off the path of better health.
I know reality or some un for seen event will tumble in and I'll stuff my face full of food. One thing I can say I'm developing good tools to over coming my food crutch.

I thought and should think all that much. I thought I had the photo thing figured out. I don't, considering I had and even paid them to show me. What I need to do to get photos on the lap top.
Well I thought I had. Look simple enough. Well I didn't have it.
I don't like to bother my son about such things. Considering I seem to be slow and just not understanding what's going on.
So looks like I'll be taking my lap top down when I go and see Bart and his family. And get a computer lesson.

I've also been lining up the items I will need for my quilting class. I will have to stop some place and pick up some cotton thread.
Actual it only looks like I will need three piece for this quilt. My boarder piece, and I'll look though my fabric stash and see what I can come up with.
Last two items I'll need is the backing and the batting.

Looks Like little later on today I will help Liz with anther load form her old place.

Question time...(two part)...How do you see your self...and....How do you indenify your self?
I see my self as being of this planet having an adventure of life...I indentify my self someone who isn't quite there yet.

Coffee is on


  1. Have someone help you do it again. Make a cheat sheet:
    1.) turn it on
    2.) etc
    3.) etc
    Once you have it figured out again, use the cheat sheet until it becomes automatic. It's what I had to do when we got our first computer (dos), so many years ago.

    Good luck!

  2. I see myself as an honest, down-to-earth person who isn't as healthy as she used to be. I agree with Sharon. I write everything down in steps until I know it by heart.

  3. Like Sharon says, a cheat sheet to help you remember all the steps to go through. I do that every time my daughter helps me learn something new.
    I see myself as a person in her first lifetime, I don't understand so many things, I think I have never been born before. My next lifetime I might understand more about how the world and people work.

  4. I like the idea of writing it down, too. But I would also break the process into little steps and practice, practice, practice until it's automatic. When I was working and we were given long randomly generated passwords that we had to memorize and couldn't write down, I would just type it in 20 or so times until my fingers knew it, then throw away the password. It seemed to work. The main thing is to not judge yourself and feel you should be learning it faster.

  5. Don't have someone show you how to do it. Have them tell you while you do it. That's the only way I learn something--by doing it. With supervision.

  6. Agreed, learn by doing. And then write it down.

  7. Learning by doing is a good idea - combined with the cheat sheets, I´d say.
    That´s a good definition!

  8. Google is my friend most days. YouTube too. If I can't figure out something on my own, I can usually learn on one of those two sites.

    Quilting is something that I would love to learn to do. I admire people who have the skill to make such beautiful things with that talent. I did start teaching myself crochet this year but let it slide over the summer as we were super busy. I'd like to get back into it though.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always love making new blog friends :)

  9. I see myself as a bit of a lunatic with a snarky sense of humor. But harmless.
    Okay, due back at the home...

  10. I love that idea! Having a conversation in your head before you rise. You can plant positive thoughts for a better day. I'm going to try it tomorrow. :-)


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