Thursday, September 14, 2017

No Pay Raise and What Do You Expect

Not sure what the rest of world pays for Personal care service. I know Idaho medicaid pays the agency who runs personal care service $4.01 for personal care and $3.40 for home services. This is for every 15 minutes. I let you figure hourly billing what Idaho medicaid pays the companies.
It up to personal care place to decided what will be paid to there worker...Google "Idaho wages for Personal Care Worker and it comes up $8.61
Well my company is willing to pay $12.43 and hour.
It was ask if we was going to get a raise. The answer was "No" and the reason is...our wages our fine because there no cost of living increase.

Also we receive our profit sharing checks. Mine is going for a set of tires on the truck.

The smoke roll back in and it isn't as bad as it was. At one time the smoke was thick as pea soup. One couldn't see to far in the distant.

Let see what have I been doing. Yesterday I went for a walk. Today let see I did dishes, help my hubby put away laundry, and wash out the bathroom sink it was just awful.
Waste time on facebook and of course ranted about no pay raise. Confession time...Some time it fun  to dilly dally around.
Then also I cut out some fabric strips to continue on the rag rug I'm making. It been a while since I've worked on it.
Almost done with tarot card I'm working on is the Temperance, only thing to do is add the sloth and color it in.

Hubby had a bad case of heart burn. I've seen people who thought they had heart burn and never went to get help and end up in local morgue.
He took an aspirin and I mix up baking soda and water. His heart burn is no longer.

Coffee is on


  1. I'm glad it really was just heartburn. If it comes back, have him checked. But then, you know that.

    As to the pay raise, count yourself lucky to get as much as you do. I work for myself, and average around $4 and hour. Pre-taxes.

  2. I've been hoping the fires and smoke would calm down.

    I don't think many will get raises this year.

  3. I hope the fires and smoke are gone soon.
    Bathroom sink and kitchen sink are two places I clean every single day. I like them shiny clean.

  4. Hari OM
    Smoke can get you down when it hangs around like that... so can no payrise. But I guess it's good you're ahead of the average already. Still pretty low though... YAM xx

  5. Maybe your husband should not take aspirin for his heart burn, because aspirin can irritate the stomach. Perhaps you could see what the internet has to say about this.

  6. Sorry to hear about the raise. Hopefully the profit sharing is a nice one. Idaho is really bad about paying people. I think we are near the bottom. Take care.

  7. I haven't heard of the recipe for heartburn relief. I'm going to try it out next time. Thanks :-)

  8. Sorry about no raise. You so deserve one.

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