Tuesday, September 26, 2017

It Must Happan On The Other Side Of The Track

My day was in Sandpoint, With Liz and Paul. The main reason we went there was that Paul made his appointment.
So her and I just hung out in Sandpoint.
I got my reserve book from the library, THE WRITE DIET it's about writing to loose weight or be the right size.
As I haven't read the entire book.
But I first like to cover "your Journal" the place to put your ideal. Confession time...believe me I have lots of ideal though out the day, and well above 5.
Like many things in different arena one should have a journal so they can put or jot down there thoughts, feeling, ideals, and goals.
I have never had the opportunity to pack around a note book and a thought enter my head to just write a down.
I doubt or haven't known any working stiff could take time to start writing in there journal. Couldn't you just picture..."Hey boss I just had a thought I need to put it in my journal"
Sure there time I have a thought and I might remember it or loose it.

After the Library we went over to city beach and she liked it. Watch the lake and at times it remind me of different texture.
Then we stop at one of the local thrift store and then it was getting close to one. So he had some type of paper to fill out.
So we looked at a pottery studio and went over to one local gun store. To Liz it like a candy store, me I could care less about guns.
So I sat quietly and read my library book.
When it came 1:30 I went and got her out of the gun store. And drove back and pick up Paul.

So still we need to run some errands. I pick up Regis Rx, took Paul to get a hair cut, and before that I drop off Liz at Good Will anther thrift store.
That lady can spend hours there. It gave me an opportunity to drive down and look at a local thrift store.
Plus as she was there it gave me a chance to write a letter. And even got a walk in, right by the Good Will there some nice duplex and notice some apartment complex. On the walk I wonder how much these rented for. And who has the income to afford them.
I didn't notice any veggie garden but for some reason I kept smelling potatoes.

Well Murphy dug the whole to pour concrete for our landing to place the stairs on. We're going to pour it this Thursday.
Now Liz got the call from the housing people and this coming Thursday she having her new place inspected. This place has pass before.

Coffee is on


  1. Sounds like a lot of shopping and looking. A busy day with time to relax by the lake - perfect!

  2. I can spend hours in thrift stores too. I look at every little thing, but almost never buy anything.

  3. Hari OM
    Am partial to an 'op-shop' visit myself. One person's trash and all that. keeping a journal is a method of becoming properly self-aware - provided one is honest with oneself, and if one can't do that, pretty much everything is lost! All you need to do is place one or two 'keywords' on the page which will trigger the memory and return the full thought at a later point when you have time to work it later. ... though I have to admit, I can have a thought and by the time I retrieve the pen and pad, it is likely forgotten! A method I have been using for myself just recently is, as soon as something comes to mind I wish to recall, I look at something in the room (a lamp, a painting...) and put the keywords into that. Next time I look upon that item it triggers the memory. Not 100%, but it is helping! YAM xx

  4. I sit at a desk, jotting things down in a journal wouldn't be a problem for me. I guess the author his like me, but can't see that other people don't have the opportunity to keep a journal like that.

    Sounds like you had a very full day.

  5. Sounds like a busy day.

    If you had a small notebook, you could jot down just enough to remember something for later. Maybe.


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