Monday, September 18, 2017

I Had Thought

Had every intention to post a story about the first three tarot cards that I've made. One thing I want to do is have a photo of them.
As manu of you know I have camera issue. Well I did get my e-mail took care of. I got into my Yahoo account.
Now the photo issue between X'd card and lap top.

Yesterday Liz and I went to a tarot group in Spokane. Very interesting! We did reading for each other. Some did a reading for me, and he use this SCIENCE TAROT. He did a nine card lay out. The card fastnate me, had also made me a little on edge. I drew the ALGEBRA which is reunion of broke parts. It said AL KHWARIZMI is father of Algebra.
Algebra gave me great anixity and haven't had much to do with it since high school.
I believe in other deck it would be the 8 of wands.

If I was going to attend a religious service on Sunday. I would go to the UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISM service since there none in my area, and the close ones is 1.5 to 2 hour drive. A little hard to attend.
Well every so often I try to watch the TAPES FROM THE SPOKANE UU"S and last Sunday the 17th of September they did it on Tarot

Weigh in at my local T.O.P.S group I felt I did pretty good. I was down 1/2 pound last week. I can't think of any reason I gain this week.
No late night eating or got out of control with snack.

Coffee is on


  1. Hari OM
    had a read around the UU link... very interesting group and I can see why it draws you; perhaps make a visit once a month and see if there isn't a possibility of a 'home group' in your own town? YAM xx

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  3. Algebra ... you do know how to scare people, don't you? Algebra, geometry and trigonometry were among my least favorite classes in high school.

  4. Keep focusing on limiting the snacks.

  5. That science Tarot deck is very cool.

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  8. Sorry there is no UU congregation closer to you. My sister, her husband, our younger daughter, one niece, one half sister, several close friends, my newly- discovered first cousin and her spouse are all UUs.

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