Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Not Yet

I thought I would of gotten things under control with a new lap top. Now I figure I need to figure out which program or app I need for photos. When it comes to tech stuff usual I'm lost.

My bingo game didn't go over at our local tops group. Confession time...I'm not a big bingo fan. Two of games is a Scavenger hunt type and the other one is a traveling story.
Since I been talking about my weight lost group. I maintain this week, which is fine.

For the last few days there been a struggle with up-dating my lap top. It seem fine now but I won't say it a great launch.

Well my client Regis got more hours and finely the paper works came in. My supervisor showed up after I got off work and ask if I need to come in. Find out I didn't. But Liz call and told me they were arguing and even it got down to a yelling match.
When I go to work tomorrow I will know what happen.

There day when I get off work I'm not sure I want to drink to celebrate or drown my sorrels.

Coffee is on


  1. I've had my new tablet for 3 weeks - haven't even connected yet, so don't feel lonely.

  2. Hari OM
    If your laptop came with Win10 on it, there will be constant updating - one of the downsides of that new operating system and the main reason I have not taken it on. There ought to be, at the very least, Windows Photo Gallery on board, in which you can do minor editing - but if you can bear it, I recommend this free download called IrfanView which allows you to do quite a bit more editing - if that's your thing.

    Good that more hours came for Regis - shame your bingo game didn't happen (I'm not a fan of bingo either, but your version sounded great!) YAM xx

  3. I have faith in you, you'll figure out the tech stuff.

  4. I hate transferring stuff from an old laptop to a new one. In some ways it is easier in other ways harder.

  5. Sorry for your tech troubles. Hopefully you'll be able to get it sorted soon.

  6. Good for you for maintaining your weight this week...

    All the best Jan


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