Monday, July 03, 2017

Never Ending Circle

A little more on our summer soltice. This time we did a servel circle the first circle we had the CRONE and our priestess up by our alter.
And I believe they where 5 cirles behind. I was in the third one but because we didn't have enough so the 4th one wasn't filled. I got the south corner which represent fire.
I don't know even what I said open or closing.
We had a walk around singing or chanting something like..A circle with in circle will not end...
Pagan like other faith have there version of communion. But first we let the earth take part in communion pouring bread, and we had cheese cake for this. Some one donated a bottle of mead for this and spinkle it on the ground.
So clock wise we past both plate and chalice around and sending the person nest to you. My blessing was to person next me was "I bless you with many joys of life" and "bless it be"
And it was pretty much done...

I just finish up my queen swords and about ready to start on four wands, which represents celebration, excitment, and freedom
I sort of what I want to represent celebration. I know the rest will come.

Spend most of the day at Liz and Regis has the medicaid nurse coming on the 10th but he has his hip operated on the 18th. And being so close I know the paper work won't be sent in before the 18th. So I'm thinking it would be wise to have the medicaid nurse come out after the operation.

I'll try to go into to it a little more tommrow or next day. There this guy who can real read tarot cards. He read Liz and was so spot on.
See for some reason my shoulder is giving me some issue and I'm going to set in the tub.

Coffee is on


  1. Thanks for sharing your celebration.

  2. Hari Om
    to honour the Earth is something we could all be doing a lot more of! YAM xx

  3. Your celebration sounds so interesting, honoring the earth we live on. Take care of that shoulder.

  4. It is wonderful to know that people around the world must have taken part in this communal ritual. Lord knows the Earth needs all the honor and celebration She can get.

  5. hope the tub helps!

  6. Tarot is an interesting study.

  7. Hari Om
    to honour the Earth is something we could all be doing a lot more of! YAM xx


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