Thursday, June 01, 2017

May 2017 Cheak In

I did wear my pedometer more then I have in the past. Sort of screwed up but on average I took 5,000 steps daily or 2.50 miles (4.01 KM) and there is 31 days in May.
End of April as I've been mapping my walk I was at camp ground on Lochsa river. So in month of May I walk about 77.50 miles (124KM)

Ended up in pass creek area. I'm starting wonder how people back in ole days, when they where on a CATTLE DRIVE or coming across the OREGON Trail.

I've said this over and over I was going to keep track what I spend. And set some type of budget and I finely did it.
Well I'm not going into all the categories. For June I even did less categories, less problems. But after all done and said there was little over $300 left. Out of that I believe I'm going to put $250 on the credit card.
Well on food I did real good I figure our food bill would be $360.00 and I spent 342.42. I'm going up that $380 for June, and the reason is to cover our sale tax on food. I base my figures on what two people would get on S.N.A.P if their aloud the max. We don't qualify for them.
Gas for our rigs I figure $120 and I was off. Actual we spend $180 on fuel for rigs. We did little more driving because of going to Spokane because of Bart Brain tumor.
The “Old Shit” for those unexpected things I figure $100 should be fine. But we had to take pick up in and it cost us $132.91 and anther one for $77.12
There always those yearly bills and I need to save back $260. This month I'm doing it different I'm going to pay our Internet service of $177 and put back $83.
Don't know what I was thinking but I figure $60 for natural gas that more likely what we spend in winter. The gas bill was $30.27
For my utilities I'm just doing one cataroy instead of three and I figure $160 should cover my electric, gas and water.

As you can see I did the weather, walking, what I spend, and last one and my results from on line Therapist from BLUE MIX 
One thing it says I would most likely to volunteer for social cause
Then one thing I wouldn't most likely to be influence by brand names.
Then I would like to share a little more...Agreeableness is at a 38%, Higher the number you get a long with other....lower the number you tend be more skeptical.
Statement time...who we have in our white house I'm pretty skeptical anything positive will come out.
Going to talk a lines about my consumer needs..31% there but I don't being high or low is best result on this
Taking pleasure in life 11% but like the consumer one, don't know if high or low is best results on this.
You are inner-directed.
You are philosophical: you are open to and intrigued by new ideas and love to explore them. You are independent: you have a strong desire to have time to yourself. And you are calm-seeking: you prefer activities that are quiet, calm, and safe.
Your choices are driven by a desire for organization.
You are relatively unconcerned with both achieving success and taking pleasure in life. You make decisions with little regard for how they show off your talents. And you prefer activities with a purpose greater than just personal enjoyment.

Just one line on my calorie in take for May my daily average is 1,847

Coffee is on



  1. Sounds like your month went pretty well.

  2. Hello, I am trying to do more walking lately. I keep track somewhat with my mileage on my cell phone. Hubby is the budget keeper in the house, he enjoys the food shopping and is actually good at saving money on the food. Sounds like you had a good month. I wish you a happy new month of June. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead.

  3. It's been cold and wet here so not much walking going on. But I'm slowly getting back to swimming three times a week
    I used to write down everything I spent and did the sums to work out a budget. It's amazing how quickly money can just flow out thinto door if you don't keep an eye on it things are always more than you think

  4. I can't imagine the struggles people had back then. I guess they didn't know any better. A bit like us maybe and what people of the future will think of us.

  5. I track my horseriding miles but not my own. I always budget. some weeks are good, some weeks are bad. the visa card takes up the slack but its never paid off so I hate that.

  6. I have to say, you´re very organised!
    I can never decide. On one side... who knows what tomorrow brings, enjoy today and buy if it makes you happy, you might be dead tomorrow.
    On the other hand... safe for emergency or something bigger.

    With walking to work etc I´m always around 15-20 000 steps a day. But I´m still too lazy to resume training!

  7. Does it help motivate you to walk more if you wear your pedometer? I find that to be so with mine! :)

  8. Well you are certainly an inspiration with your budgeting and walking. I need to do a better job on both. Thanks for sharing and hopefully prodding me to get it together.


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