Monday, June 05, 2017

It Starting To Roll

Yesterday I cut all the strips for my next rag rug I'm planning to make. But Liz always want to make one. So when I'm doing mine she can learn to one and make one right be side me.
She thought she has enough fabric. So I'll stop by a thrift store and get some sheets. The one I'm doing now will be from sheets also.

Before work I mail off some fabrics to my daughter in law. I hope she can use the material for the BANDANAS.
But I park at old Safeway parking lot. Mail off package and went over and see if CALLIES had any purple on sale. and she didn't.
So I walk over to LITTLE MORE and see if they had any purple in there sale corner. Things in there sale corner is 40% off which put the fabric at around $6.00 a yard.
Well no purple.
I walk across the street and see if Under the Sun had anything fun and interesting, as usual they did.

Phone call is my main thing I did at Regis today. It all went smoothly and he has two doctor appointments this week. One is Wednesday in Sandpoint and the other one will be Friday in Courd'Alene.
After a quick going though the place. He want to go out to his sister (EX) law for a visit. He spending the night and I told him I will pick him up before I go to my weigh in with T.O.P.S.

My friend Deb pass way on the 3rd of June. When her obit is up I will copy and paste it. She truely know to be humble owas about.
She was part of our pagan group. She ask to have a pagan service so we will give her one at a later date.
But her mom want to have the service at our local Lutheren Church.

Most people I tell I'm pagan. They have to ask what my religious affiliation then I will tell them. I don't ask what people politcal or religious affiliation is.
But when I tell them I'm a pagan I usual get two reaction
They gigle uncomfomfortable or They don't recognize as a practicing religion.

Daisy been waiting for me to toss her ball and I still need to clean out the pick up. I drove the pick up today as my car was being service.

Coffee is on


  1. I'm sorry to hear of your friends passing. A rag rug, that sounds interesting.

    1. Thank you...I also do locker hook rugs

  2. Thanks for visiting. Shame we're not closer: I have lots of old sheets!

    1. I can get sheets at the local thrift stores.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your friend Deb.

    I'd like to hear about your pagan service.

    1. I haven't yet been to a pagan end of life service

  4. That is a wise saying. I´m very sorry to hear about your friend passing...

  5. So sorry about the loss of your friend.

  6. Very sorry to read about your friend's passing.

    All the best Jan

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