Friday, June 02, 2017

Isn't That Something.

Murphy I believe got the garden planted. He put out 3 artichoke plants, and some sunflowers. Both of us like sunflower greens to put our lettuce salad.
I just finish up my June bullet journal. Did some minor changes from my May set up. I finished up the locker hook rug. Not sure which project I'll be doing next. I know it will something I start and haven't finished yet. One thing I'm going to cut some strips for a crochet rag rug I want to do for my self.

Murphy and I went to Sandpoint and got a few items. It's been ages since I bought clothes retail. Two of the items I got was seven each a green top and coral color shorts. They came off the clearance rack $7 each.
Then a summer dress for under $14.00
Well Murphy got few item.
Our first bill for the month came our electric, $67.54 and that for 490 kilowatts. But we have $28.00 base charge.

We're off to see Bart and Molly. Next Thursday he will be seeing the oncologist about the tumor he had remove.
They seem fairly optimistic, and now days treating tumors have a lot more options and treatment has came a long ways.
But in my life I've figure away to change my sitution. But this I feel so helpless. It's like trying to change the weather.
Confession...time it getting easier for me to deal with as time go by. Less and less my eyes doesn't tear up

I start to look for a purple fabric for my next up coming locker hook rug. I don't want to spend over $7.00 a yard.
So I stop in at "Alley Fabric Nook" and they have nice section of discount fabrics. I don't see buying fabric that I'm cutting into 2 inch strips and it for rug that will be on the floor.
But I did find a fun summer design that I'll send to my daughter in law so she can make BANDANAS. But I'll go though my stash and add two more piece of fabrics.

It looks like it been 3 months for a donation for DAISY. Still willing to match up to $50. I know one thing I need to do is getting back on fitday and after a news it wouldn't hurt me go for a walk.
It might even loose some ENDORPHINS


  1. It's nice to get new clothes, isn't it?

  2. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Still praying for your son Dora. <3 Doesn't it feel great buying something new for yourself?? :)

  3. I need new clothes too, but winter things. Going to buy fleece lined track pant this coming week.

  4. I'm glad it's getting easier to deal with, the shock has started to wear off and you will do just fine now, glad Bart is doing good.

  5. Sounds like you found some great deals. May Bart's appointment go well.

  6. Gratitude - it's a powerful sentiment.

  7. I know what you mean about buying fabric. It'd be nice if you could just use scrap fabric from other projects. Had you ever thought about finding thrift store clothing that you'd never wear but would cut up to use for locker hook projects?

  8. I wish we had a place to plant a garden here but not living in this apartment. Maybe one day if we move.


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