Monday, May 08, 2017

If Your Happy Clap Your Hand

I don't believe I every post anything about being happy. Question time....Are you a happy person?
Well in general I would consider my self a happy person. But sure there are days I'm down and things aren't going my way.
I do know people who are generally miserable.
I start to wonder what makes some people happy and then others they waddle in miserable.
Well it says we're hard wire that way. 10 to 20 percent of it is do to circumstances. 
But the other 30% where do they fall.
But those who are happy seem to make life choice differently. As found in this ARTICLE to be some what true. 
My mom was joyful person but I'm not physiologist but my dad in lot of ways was miserable, and looking back in past. I would guess he was bi-polar.
Every spring and fall my mom and I would do a spring and fall scrub down of place.
She would start at one end of place and I on the other end. The two of us shall meet in middle.
Well we never could figure where the middle of place was, and would bust out laughing.
The glass is half full. And life is a fun adventure.

Liz seem a little down in dump. I been wonder if she has some type SEROTONIN that may be lacking.
Both my clients in past been CUTTER in past and Regis said he done in past so HE WOULD FEEL BETTER

T.O.P.S weigh in tomorrow morning. What I real want the scale to weigh in at 221, and that a reasonable goal.
But any lost I will take it. 
Cut my calorie intake down to 1922. I even mange to take a short walk. It been years saying I want to take part in BLOOMSDAY 
Paid the bills and one left pay which is gas bill, and haven't receive it. I've been keeping track of what I been spending and I see June they will be some changes. 

Editor note...I forgot to mention in ENDORPHIN in this post.Opinion time...Some people don't have enough or don't know how to release them.

Coffee is on


  1. I'm a happy person, and there doesn't seem to be any reason for it, probably I was born happy. I have down days but usually they don't last even the full day, before I feel better about things.
    My ex husband, the second one, was a cutter before I met him. His arms are covered in old scars. But he sees a psychologist now every two weeks and has an appointment with a psychiatrist once a month too. He has mental health problems. He is one who is almost never happy, no matter how good things are, he is always worried about something going wrong.

  2. Hari OM
    Part of the problem is that everyone tends to have their own definition of 'happy'; it is a subjective condition. What is more, there is an expectation of happiness being found in things and people, which is doomed to failure, even at the best of times. 'Happiness' is a condition within us all. Part of life's purpose is to find the true meaning of it. YAM xx

  3. So many people have problems with their physical health and that makes them miserable and complaining. If one cleans up the physical health, usually the body will revert to happiness. Lots of opiniions and this is mine.

  4. I'm basically upbeat and happy.

  5. For the most part, I am contented. I often wish I could do certain things, but I think I'm doing pretty good to be on this side of the grass.

  6. Here for my cup of coffee. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. To answer your question, I am an annoyingly happy pereson and can usually see the positive side of most situations barring another person's illness or emotional pain.
    I was delighted to see the picture of the good looking blue heeler on your post. I am a fan of the dog and had one years ago. I wrote a post in 2009 about my heeler and it has gotten the most hits of any post I have ever written. More than 36,000 hits over the years from many countries. Here is the link if you are interested.

    They are great little dogs.

  7. Sometimes I´m afraid I might get depressive, too.
    Since a while after I lost my project I stopped training, I just can´t make myself doing it. It´s not as clean around here as I liked it to, either.
    But, as far as I know none of my family suffered depression so likely this is just a phase.
    My Mum said I´m a pessimistic, I say I´m realistic... To a glass being half full!

  8. Happiness is a choice. But, we've been trained to act and react to our environments in certain ways. Those ways may be worry and unhappiness. Tell someone who's lived their whole life miserable that they can choose to be happy, and they'll fight you on this. So, easier said than done.

  9. I can be happy, but I'm normally pretty serious!

  10. I am basically a happy person, I like to look for the good in people and situations, I also like to find a good point in any bad situation, I have been through a lot of health scares over my life and looking for the light at the end of the tunnel has always kept me positive.

  11. I'd say I'm generally happy - I try to look for the positive in every situation. There are moments in life however when everything around me just seems to crumble and I'm the only one making responsible choices - that's hard to deal with.

  12. I'm a happy gal who loves life, even when it's rough. Always something to learn, I'll take those lessons. Some on the chin, but take them none the less.

    Good luck with weigh-in.

  13. I'm a happy person and try to stay positive, not always easy because 'life' can get in the way at times ... as it does for everyone.
    The ups and downs, it's how we deal with it that counts.

    Sending positive thoughts your way.

    All the best Jan

  14. Simple things make me happy Dora.. I think when people are always wanting more and more thinking that it will make them happy.. often it doesn't 😑


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