Friday, May 12, 2017

Error Is To Learn By

I've start doing a bullet journal. But I did a few errors like in the weekly planner. On the left hand side will be my calendar then on my right hand side will be the places for things to do and goals.
Then on the money part I believe I'm going with less categories. I know one thing the one I call "Ole shit" those bills or unexpected items. Will have more allotted for it.

Bart had his tumor remove and all went well. Haven't pop the cork on the champagne yet. They still need to biopsy. But at this point there calling it #2 tumor.
I had #2 growth on my back they remove which simple means it's benign but with abnormal cells. So until it comes back from the lab we won't know.

Last few days and keeping my calorie count down to 1,922 been some what a struggle. But I weigh in on Tuesday at T.O.P.S and Friday at home. This morning I was down to 221.25 (100.36)
And now I try to eat a few nuts during the week which brought up my vitiam E.

My two other thing I still need to get un clutter in my life, is paper and that number one. Here the thing I handle the money and pay the bills. I have file in basement called "It called it should of been taking care of it yesterday" The bills are paid on time and only balace a check was back in my early 20's.
Take my word for it I learn my lesson.
Murphy did something helpful there was a ton of paper on the kitchen table and he put in a shoe box and I been putting it in the correct place, lot of it ends up in recycle bin.
The the other on is keys. But the paper is a lot worst.

It's been a while since I put a link for DAISY and her teeth. I'll match up to $50.

Coffee is on


  1. It's good that Bart's surgery went well, am looking forward to seeing good results soon.
    Paperwork, I would love to shred it all, but DH can't seem to part with any of it.

  2. Hope you get to pop that cork. Sounds like things are headed that way.

    Here's to decluttering! Goodbye paper.

  3. Happy to hear Bart's surgery went well.
    The papers in a shoebox is a good idea to keep them contained. Perhaps you could move to a three box system, label one box "new papers" where everything new that comes in is placed, then as you sort them put them in a box labelled "to be paid" or in a box labelled "rubbish", at the end of the day empty the "rubbish" one into the bin. You could stack them up if you don't want to spread them along the bench.

  4. Glad to hear that Bart is doing well.

  5. Praying you can pop the cork and celebrate. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Good news about Bart, I hope there's more good news when they get the results of the biopsy.

  7. Glad Bart's surgery went well. Hope the biopsy results are good.

  8. bullet journaling seems fun but can you really make a mistake?? you should make it fun!! i a, a good organizer, to the point where i enjoy it!!!

    i read your "about" on the right - i loved it - i had no idea there were blogging "clicks"!!

  9. Decluttering can be hard but it is so worth it, you will be happy with the end result.

    I am happy to hear Bart is doing well, I can almost hear the cork popping now.

  10. Glad that things went well with Bart's op Dora, hopefully results of the biopsy will be what you're hoping for. If you think your paperwork is a mess you should see mine.. I can hardly see the top of my desk, but I'm sorting it out tomorrow ☺☺

  11. Happy to hear about Bart. Hoping for a good report.

    Our daughter is feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in their "new" townhouse. They moved in two years ago in August and still haven't unpacked all their boxes. She turned 50 last Dec and her husband is a year or two younger. One complicating factor is that they adopted a baby girl the same year they moved. She's added so much to the family! They already had a son who was six when they adopted her, so they became parents later than some. That mountain of outgrown clothes just keeps growing and growing! So she decided she wanted my help, so we've set a date. June 12-13, for Purge Fest One. Anything they no longer need and someone else can use will be donated. Anything totally useless will be tossed. She says their papers are in such a mess she will save that project for last.

  12. Hari Om
    learning from errors is one of life's main purposes... what good news for Bart - will keep a prayer up till full news received. YAM xx

  13. I like your categories, I'm going to borrow some of your ideas - I like the "ole shit" category.

  14. I know what you mean about paper clutter. I've got to take care of mine, soon. It's been collecting.


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