Monday, April 10, 2017

What Will It Take

I know the risk about being over weight. And I tend to do a little about it. It some what pain dragging this extra fat about.
I stand 5'6(167) and weigh in at 222(111) , last weigh in. Who know what I will weigh in this tomorrow.
My frame is medium, although I have big boobs. So I should weigh in between 130(58) to 145 (65)
At one time I did a thing called FITDAY. It's been a while since I use it.
I decided to cut back on facebook for a while. "Confession time...I get tired of the political bull shit" and both political party is "uncooperative" so I sat my first goal.
I like to loose 3/4 (.34) a week. Loosing that amount I should hit my goal of 200 by the 4th of July.
Not sure if I have the right amount calorie to loose. But to retain present weight I need 2,222 calories. So If I cut my calorie each week by 200 calorie until I get to 1,800. I believe that way I shouldn't be all that crabby.
So first week I will take in 2,022 daily calories.

Took Regis to see his dad. Went up and saw his mom. His mom is buried on there property. Not sure what will happen to the property once Regis mom is gone.
I know Regis can't own anything because of how his disability is set up. His biological sister will handle the estate affairs

Did little genealogy and came to relize my great grandma Emma Arvilla Trefry Miller and her sister Melvina Trefry Dienst both died in childbirth giving birth to twins. In the same year, 1884.

Got our taxes back. Owed nothing and decide to put the refund towards my 2017 taxes. The only reason we would of gotten a refund. Is because of the affordble tax credit or subsudiy. To much for me to figure this affordble care act we have.
Now I need to get our income information down to our county clerk, so we can get a break on our property tax.
For 2017 it just over $29,000 net a year.

Liz called and she staying for Easter. Sure glad anyhow I thought it would be nice to celebrate Easter with her Grandkids.
Hopeful it nice day for an Easter Egg hunt.

Remember the right hand side blog..."Daisy Teeth Cleaning" and fit day I'm putting the link of my daily post in journal.

Coffee is on


  1. Here's to your weight loss journey and getting healed up from the extra weight.

  2. In my serious dieting days (with the doctor), he calculated my calories for my ideal weight and reduced that number by 10%. At the time I was about 20# overweight. He'd have a stroke if he saw me now, ha ha.

  3. I'm always fascinated by genealogy. You have interesting ancestors.

  4. Good luck with your weight loss! I´ll go back to training right after Easter.
    Oh, that is sad about the deaths. Just read about a midwife in the 1950´s in the poor part of London, making a family sure was hard and risky back then.

  5. Dieting is tough. Good luck with it.

    That would be sad to have sister's die in
    childbirth, both with twins, too.

  6. I can see why she'd want to be with her grandkids on Easter. I hope she's having a nice trip.


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