Sunday, April 16, 2017

Ten Might Equal Benifits.

In yesterday I was left comment about what I meant by 3 appetizer. 5 main course, and 2 deserts. Though if I post what I had ate there it might be self explanatory.
Confession time...When I go out if I don't go with a basic plan I will tend to over eat...
I figure I would have 1/2 to 1 cup (metric) would be grams. So I just figure it all at 3/4 of cup or 340 grams.
Well the appetizer was a bowl of mix nuts...Let just say I ate 3/4 (340)
Then for the main course limited my self to 5 items
lamb about 3 ounce.
potato salad 3/4 (340)
Scallop Potatoes 3/4 (340)
deviled egg 2 halves
Guess I only ate 4 items. But once you see the choice of my desert and the calories. One will under stand why it blessing to forgot the 5th item.
Dessert like I said two things
lemon cream pie and piece of cheese cake.
So accounting to fit day for Easter Lunch my calorie account is about 1.956
Well please how Easter came out.
Also had a small birthday party for our grand niece she turn 16.

Doing family history if you see a well known name possible like Ford, Miller, Washington, and or Graham. One start to wonder if you be possible relate to Robert Ford the guy who shot Jesse James or Henry.
Miller first thing comes to mind is band leader. Washington of carouse our first president. And Graham would be Alexander Graham Bell for phone.
The other day I found out my 2 great Uncle Wallace Trefry married a girl name Almeda Lincoln. Now it got me wondering if she any relationship to our 16th President ABRAHAM LINCOLN.
Still trying to find my second great grandfather John Shirley in the city of Philly. No luck so far.
Talking about family history I thought I would share a bit of my parents as it comes to money.
My dad was a responsible alcoholic went to work I grew up what I would call solid middle class back ground. The bills was always paid on time.
But mother was never aloud cash. Credit cards was fine. I recall my mother asking for $2.50 for some hand lotion and my dad ask her what she want $2.50 for and she told him. So he told she didn't need that foolishness. To teach him a lesson she put $25.00 on credit card. And he said something and she looked hime eye and said" Shut the ______up Pete'' or she was going to purchase something for $25 My dad shut up. And next time out it would of been $250, and she would of kept add zeros.
Now there the other side of the coin. My dad was careless with cash. He got drunk and laid on the couch and money would fall out of his pocket. Anything from loose change to hundred dollar bills.
My mom would collect the money and with smile on her face like she had an organism. Went and stuck the money in bank.
I wonder why she never just pocket some of the money my dad lost in drunken stooper.

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  1. Hari OM
    Ahhh... three quarters; a failing of our keyboards that we can't show fractions properly!!! In our household it was mum who had charge of the money, as dad is a 'see and spend' kinda guy - but a very generous father and friend. YAM xx

  2. My dad is into genealogy and family history - has one line traced back to 400 AD. It is so cool to know who you are and aren't related to!

  3. There's alcoholism in my family too. It can really effect relationships.

  4. interesting how power strruggles always seem to involve money.

  5. Thank you for the points explanation.
    Interesting about $100 bills falling out of your dad's pockets while he slept.
    When I was growing up we never saw that much money ever. We didn't have dollars and cents then, it was pounds and shillings like the old English money and the most we ever saw was a two pounds note (bill). Dad probably had bigger notes like ten pounds and twenty pounds, but they got spent pretty quickly on groceries and bills. Before the week was over we almost always ran out of money and had to put things on "the book" at the shop, then on payday dad would give us a two pound note or sometimes only one pound and we would go to the shop and pay half off the bill and bring home milk and bread and cheese.
    Credit cards were unknown in Australia back then.

  6. Do you never eat vegetables like green beans, tomatoes, or broccoli? They are low calorie and better for you than an extra dessert.

  7. Made me smile Dora, my married name is Forde and my maiden name Millar ☺ So I'm doing the calorie counting also, I have an app on my phone that makes it really easy, but until I get to the weight I want I'm restricting myself to 1200 per day.. it's so hard though ☺

  8. Some famous names are fairly common. I tend to err on the side of "not related".

  9. Hi there ... reading your post and then seeing what S.J.Qualls said ...
    Green beans and broccoli are great vegetables.

    I do like dessert but I make them the lower carb way, cutting down on sugar and carbohydrates.

    Love the fact that your coffee is on !

    All the best Jan


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