Sunday, April 09, 2017

Not Big Party

Yesterday Murphy and I went over to Noxon Mt and celebrate my grand daughter birthday. Murphy was little worried about going. He been having back trouble and he had it off on for ages. So he took some pain pills so he could indur the trip.
Not a big party my daughter in law Molly cousin came over from Kalispell. She has daughter a month older then my grand daughter, so that makes them 2nd cousin.
It was interesting to watch the two little ones.
I hate to say my grand daughter start to hit her little cousin. In a bit after she got tired of getting hit. She pushed Claudia, and she figure she didn't want to be slapped.
Her mother did try to correct her behavior. But when Claudia got push it stop her from hitting dead in tracks.
I won't say my sons were saints.
Food was great. Not sure were they got ham. But it was top notch.
She got a lot of new clothes. But we got her one of those popping toys that you push and her own chair. Oh and anther toy she got is a little piano.

His back must be getting better. We decide to take mid morning romp in bed. It all worked out good.
Some time he gets cramp and during romp time.

I been picking up around the place. I seem to misplace things to easily. The other day I found a check register and now I put it some place. A place I wouldn't forget. I did forget.
It very simple I got way to much for size of my place.

I did get quite a bit of cutting strips for my next rag rug, I'm giving for Christmas gift. The color I did was blues today.
I still want to do one for us. And place it by the kitchen sink.

Having computer issues. I want to put a photo of Daisy by her link for her teeth cleaning. There a link on the righthand side of blog, called "Daisy Teeth Cleaning" right below my profile.
Plus I need to try my do hicky thing and see if I can load up any photo. I do miss sharing photos.

I've been writing to some penpals west of the rockies mountains. Plus Murphy got some more seeds started. Today it was celery, leeks, tomatoes, and blue strawberries. I did say BLUE. Looks like we have a few peppers up.

Newest stamp, and first one from Bulgaria.

Coffee is on


  1. Sounds like the birthday party was a lot of fun. Yeah, little kids do like to push other kids buttons sometimes.

    I'm glad the romp turned out well. LOL

  2. I'm glad the party was a success.
    I clicked on the link for Blue strawberries and discovered it's a fake, a hoax. There's no such thing. Also the article claims strawberries are actually a vegetable, not a fruit. This is wrong, strawberries are a berry, which is a separate class of fruit, but certainly not a vegetable.

  3. Blue strawberries? Sounds very interesting

  4. That piano gift made me smile big time. I remember those 'noisy toys' and seemed the kids liked them best...oh the noise! lol

  5. I´m sorry, but I had to laugh about "I won't say my sons were saints." :-)
    Oh, how Bro and I could get at each other´s throat at kids...! And now we´re best friends.

  6. Ah kids and parties...

  7. Yes, kids and parties. We have an only child and I laugh when my wife, who is an only child says, "Oh I wish he had a brother or sister." I'm like, what has he done to deserve that!!!


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