Thursday, April 13, 2017

Lieuntent Colonel Feels Like.

Part of fit day is ranking your mood. I try to do this at different time of day. One of the question the ask how your Hunger level. I'm trying to hold off on lunch. But at this time I would say I'm on the hunger side.
But anther thing I'm ask to rate is my general health. For today I place it at Healthy. Even I have a few minor troubles. Yes I'm over weight and then there the issue with blood pressure. But still I feel I'm heathy.

Been picking up around the place. I seem to have trouble keeping paper clutter down. Having pen pals doesn't help.
Just finish up with my last set of pen pal letters. This week I did those who live west of the rockies. Last one went to BANDON OREGON  drove though there once actual.

My hour with Regis is pretty much finish. The doctor visit in Courd'Alene took away lot of my asign hours. See Regis gets 15 hours a week or 64 hours in a month, so does Liz.
Well I only have an hour left for this week. Not much to do there maybe a little house keeping, and possible light errands. I'm guessing I may be over by one or two hours.
So I have to explain why I'm over. If the state of Idaho doesn't like the reason I will be short hours on my next check.
But in general the hours my client are assign is plenty to get task done. So it pretty rare I go over.

Ms Daisy got new brush. Today was first time using it. Now she waiting for her rag toy to be toss. It raining outside. So no ball tossing today. A quick reminder on the right hand side of blog there is a link called "Daisy Teeth Cleaning" and it hook to go fund me.

In bit Murphy and I are going just out side of KOOTENAI Idaho and I want to stop in at there post office and see if they having any stamps stuck in one of there drawers of people. Once in while they have a two cent or even and eight cent stamp stuck in there. I only collect stamps of people.
And the reason where going there we have a friend who lives out there.

Coffee is on


  1. I used to collect stamps, but I gave my collection to my grandson and his interest has dwindled. I don't feel like adding something he will not appreciate.

  2. I never got into stamp collecting.

  3. Glad you're feeling healthy. That is a good foundation to have.

  4. To contain my paper clutter, I keep a basket where all my random stuff goes until I get to the point of cleaning it out. It helps keep the papers contained until I can deal with them. Do you have something similar?

  5. My husband is terrible for paper clutter. It's like he has magic pockets with and endless supply of paper and where ever he goes there is always papaer clutter lol
    Good luck finding the stamps you need.
    I kinda collect yarn for future projects to knit and crochet lol

  6. Mmmmm, rate my hunger... moderate. Better eat soon before I become famished. ;-)

  7. My mum collected all kinds of stamps. People, trains, planes, ships, flowers and so on, but kept them all in separate albums. All the trains in one, all the flowers in another one, like that.
    Could you collect all the loose paper clutter into one small basket? Every time you get a letter, you read it then place it in the basket, nice and tidy. Then once a week go through the basket, answer the penpal letters and then empty the basket in the trash.

  8. Paper clutter. I often feel like I'm swallowed up by it. What good is this computer when
    we still have all that paper?

  9. I once had to have lunch very late and nearly fainted. Never again! My hands were trembling really bad and only chocolate helped - and I don´t like sweets.

  10. Paper clutter...well, I have changed that image to PAPER PASSION! I love it all! And I love postage stamps, too. I have tons that I use in some of my projects. Aloha!


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