Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I Never But That Not True

I was going to post that "I never committed fraud" which would be an un-true. If there a little of an excuse of fraud for me it would of to make one life more simple.
If I was going to rate my fraud active it would be eighth to quarter of inch on scale. Not sure how that would work out metrically.

Our government programs are sat up with no common sense. Now I will continue or confess on one self of fraud.
Confession time...I'm not always honest about the exact hours...but I don't cheat on the time.
I will give an example if a client has two people in there home...A social worker and some one cleaning. We aren't aloud to bill the state for the same hours.
So let use the social work she will bill May 1st from 9AM til 11:30 which is 2 and half hours.
So let use the care giver she might be there actual 9:30 to 2:30 which is 5 hours.
As you can see 2 hours they're billing at the same hours.
So had I would do even if I'm not there...I would say I came in at 12PM and work til 5PM still the same amount of hours.
If any of you are wonder why I just going at noon. Some time that would work but there time my other client might have an appointment and I'm force to my other choices.
Confession time...I could do better in my mileage...I only guess the mileage I drive on my job.
I don't do anything outrages.
But that only fraud I do when it comes to work.
Liz said she would sign my paper work head of time and I could send them in.
That pushing fraud a little more then I like. I don't even cheat on my federal or state taxes. Sure I have accountant do mine and I want every tax advantage.

Statement time....I believe in Karma. 
My friend La Walla inheritance around 30,000 and she never claim it. She went up to Canada and stuck it in a bank there.
See she has a lot of health issue do to a super bad immune system, and if she was total honest what she got her benefits would be a lot less.
See her rent is $60 a month, both side of her medical is paid for; she getting both medicare and medicaid, and $120 in snap program.
See they believe her income is her social security check around $950 a month. See she has the inheritance and she earn other money.
Let just say a lot of our welfare programs your aloud $2,000 of asset. Which includes most things. What doesn't count is your first vehicle. But depends on program and sometime your resident does count, and other time it doesn't
One might be saying as long as her money in Canada there nothing to worry about. Well the other day she got a notice from an accountant and telling her that there is a mix up on the inheritance for tax reason.
Sound like they will be sending her some tax forms for inherits and they will also return to the IRS.
So she could be possible getting it for fraud.
See her sister is the executor of the will, and she recently got but in a private mental hospital.
It sound like a mess. But Murphy and I don't have a will. I've seen even people with a will and the estate was a mess.

Today Murphy and I went over to his sister Faith and he cut down a cherry tree. And later on I picked up rocks off our lawn and toss it back on our drive way.
When the snow plow push snow last winter it also took rocks with them.
Finely our blue strawberry seed Murphy planted has came up.
The flower bed below the window has a few blooms.
Daisy has her red ball toss out in yard. Since it was nice day and I hear rain might be coming in tomorrow. And once again I'll mention on the right hand side of the blog is a link "Daisy Teeth Cleaning"
The fit day is helping quite a bit in keep track of what I eat. It also keep track of my nutritional  intake is these 3 vitamin A, D, and E.
Well I could post about our sex life. But since it not raining it would be a good ideal to see if I could do a little more around the place.

Coffee is on


  1. Your friend La Walls may have created a real problem for herself. She may have to do a spend down and/or make restitution of the overpayments if she gets caught.

  2. Hiding money is never a good idea. They'll figure it out eventually. As for the hours thing--I totally see why you'd do that. Bureaucracies...

  3. Fraudulent actions are mother always told me if you commit a crime you'll pay the time. (If not now...sooner or later it catches up with you)

  4. Stopped by to read your blog, I did enjoy it and I ill be around.

  5. hari OM
    Definitely your pal is potentially in hot water... I am one of those who is 'letter of the law' because somehow I was born with a very needling conscience! Even now, as things brew about the building repairs here, it is me who is pulling things together on the legal front. It is giving me colly-wobbles and nightmares, but I also know that not following procedure will come against those of us in favour of the repairs; the 'trouble child' who is trying to avoid it all will have to face legal consequences if she keeps insisting against. Am WAAYYYY out of my comfort zone, but it has to be faced.

    As to your own situation re the hours; whilst being exercised for the wider good, as it were, if there was an audit it could come back to bite ya. Definitely you are right, though, not to have things getting signed ahead of time. One step too far, as you say. YAM xx

  6. Karma yupp, guess so somehow, too, it exists (I never jinx it at least)...

  7. I believe in Karma too. Good things come to those who do good things and vice versa. Wishing you a great weekend ahead.

  8. I think as long as you are truthful about the hours, the times don't really matter.
    I also think our welfare system is a bit more generous than yours. There is a limit to the dollars amount your assets are worth, too much and the pension allowance is cut, but if you own your home and live in it, that's not counted as part of your assets, neither is your car. But if you have two cars or a boat or very expensive paintings hanging in your house, stuff like that, it's counted as part of your assets, you have to declare how much they are worth. But I think we are allowed to have more than $2000 in the bank. Probably not too much more.


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