Sunday, April 23, 2017

Ask and Seek

I've usual have an accounting handle the taxes. I believe I need to contact an lawyer about setting up certain legealities for hubby and I. Doing in home care and seeing life in general.
Believe me I've seen all sort of things when it comes to politics of families, including both of ours.
As I speak right now. I would say both sons would be fair about dividing up the property, Then also I don't believe either one of my sons would just put me in nursing home.
but who know what the future brings. So I need to be protected on such things.

Calorie count still under by 247. Sort of hungry at this time. This past week my calories I want to keep them right round 1997 and next week I'm taking it down by 25 which leaves me at 1972.
First part of May I will either keep track of my water intake or my activies.
Question time...Out of water in take or activies which do you think is more important.

I've been thinking what all I want to put in my "bullet Journal" and one thing I want to put in is a budget or a financial tracker.
I've heard people say...I don't have much money and there no need to budget.
So today I made up an budget. I've learn there sort of three catagory you place money...Needs, future, and wants.
I'm going to try to eat on what the maxium food stamps or now know as snap which lower income people get.
For two people now it's $360 a month or $90 a week. This is what I'm planning to eat on.
Which doesn't include hygiene products but most states has an there own disabilty funds. Idaho max is $75 a month and I'm going to try to get our hygiene product with that amount.
I know to quilify for food stamps one needs to be almost destitute. But I wonder if I can feed the two of on $360 a month.
Couple more things or goals I want to put in. One thing for sure I need to get my paper clutter on control.
Like all of us something is learn as we goal.

Murphy and I went to the dump today.
Early afternoon I went to druming circle. Next Saturday I'm going to a BELTANE celebration and it out in MEDICAL LAKE WASHINGTON
One thing since Liz been gone for all most the entire month of April and my hours been cut in half. Actual now we're starting to  feel it financially. But nothing to serious, kept all the bills up to date.
But she coming back on the 29th and we will have a little more breathing room.
Still willing to match "Daisy Teeth Cleaning funds" up to $50. If anyone want to donate there is a link on the right hand side of the blog..."Daisy Teeth Cleaning"

two thing I been worked on is the locker hook rug. Still need to get photos up...darn photo issue....And some family history still trying to find my second great grand dad on my mom side John Shirley and his wife Hannah (Ross) Shirley in 1850 census in Philadelphia.
But I've ran into quite a bit of info on the Trefry. My 2nd great grandfather Russel Trefry on my dad side had 19 children. And his dad William had 16 children.
It got me wondering after a hard day of working the farm and there wasn't no medicine for ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION and still they brought forth off spring, back in day.

Coffee is on


  1. Interesting what you're finding out about your family.

  2. I would think it would be more helpful to keep track of activities, unless you plan on tracking input and output of fluids.

  3. Glad your sons are trustworthy. Not all parents can say that.

  4. Good thing having sons like that! Ew, you just reminded me I have to collect all the taxes-stuff. Dentist and taxes... horrible.

  5. Sounds like you're learning a lot about yourself. Boy, 360 a month sure doesn't sound like a lot when it comes to food.

  6. Hello stopping by and thanks for coming by my blog today, nice to meet you. You have asked some important questions and I wish you well on your diet! I believe, although I haven't even thought about beginning it myself yet, but my grandmother had some dear and special items/things for all her loved ones and she actually put the name of who should get what on them so that when the time came we got those special things. One dear box of letters and cards that she had gotten through the years was one of my prizes. She had letters from overseas where she had friends that were in the peace corps and other church groups and I especially enjoy reading their stories. It's like going on vacation! For now I think it's important to spend time with loved ones now while we all can.

  7. Hard to separate the two - the more activity you do, the more water you need to intake!

  8. I think water intake and activity are equally important. I do still drink water when I'm not being active though, because too much coffee isn't good for me.

  9. Hi - you may find this article of interest - 'How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day?'

    Here is the link:

    All the best Jan

  10. Hari OM
    Water and activity are two different aspects and are of equal importance when one is seeking to improve health and wellbeing. The tracking ought to be as honest and accurate as possible if for no other reason than keeping yourself true to the process. Over a week or two, you also ought to be able to read your pattern and make decisions on changes to be made for improvement... else there would be no point to the tracking at all. YAM xx

  11. I'm a great believer in water as the cure for everything Dora ☺ but activity is essential also.. I've just started swimming in ice cold water, believe me it's soooo hard to make that first step in but once you get your breath back ☺ it feels amazing! I have to say our wills are fairly simple, everything split between the two children. My mother was more specific in that she itemized certain things for her grandchildren and I'm so glad that she did, my daughter cherishes her Nanna's gold cross and wears it always around her neck.


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