Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Once When You Look Back

Yesterday post didn't come out like it real should of. I ask if any follow our President Trump twitter page.
Well the question would been better if I said...Question time...Do you visit any of your elected official though social media?
I have to say sort of but I don't on regular bases.
The age of social media and communication sure going to change how we see the world.

Then I could of gave the wrong impression on the quilting class. It 8 weeks and since I'm a newbie when it comes to quilting. And sense most of class is doing some version of the FRENCH BRAID and which is much to advance for me.
I'm sure my quilt will be done before the 8 weeks. If it alright with the instructor I might see if I can make some quilted hot pads or place mates.

Last night I took Regis to our local hospital. For observation he been having some struggle with his mental health.
Not much around my area to tell for those are having breakdown, when comes to the mental ill. So sad! We do have a few places that offer counseling. But that is an improvement then let say five years ago.

As for Ms Daisy and here I go again. We went and played fetch for a little bit. And I'm still trying to raise for her teeth cleaning. There is a link on the right hand side of blog. Please remember I match all donation.
I will leave a link about a contest BOO and she first dog.

After yesterday pig out on sweets. I don't think I could have a bit of anything sugary. If I was a diabetic I bet my number would be though the roof.
Breakfast...bacon, eggs, and potatoes
Lunch...grill cheese and ½ of apple.
Dinner...chicken Alfredo and salad
Snack...graham cracker with peanut butter

Coffee is on


  1. I don't do facebook or twitter, and I don't follow any politicans either. Only what I see on the news is all I know. Most of what they speak, I don't understand they're so clever at spinning words so they say one thing and mean another.
    Hope Regis is okay.

  2. There's NEVER enough help for people with mental health problems. They so need it but somehow they are just pushed under the carpet like they don't exist. At least Regis has a good friend in you.

  3. I avoid the political pages like the plague. I don't need the garbage that is being smeared around on the internet.

  4. I follow my daughter's former boss.

    My younger daughter was an intern in Chuck Schumer's office when she was in college.

    I've always been very political, my Facebook page is full of politics. Schumer has plenty of company on my Facebook page. You can imagine who else I follow.

  5. Hari Om
    There has been a big focus on mental health and its care here in the UK just recently; more and more sports stars and celebs are owning up to their own battle with things like depression, mania, OCD and such like and here in Scotland, a fairly new charity is picking up momentum... "Pass The Badge" is literally a little badge and card which are use as a trigger for discussion. Anyone may be handed this card out of the blue and invited to talk based upon the prompt which is found on the card. Even if not affected ourselves, we almost certainly know someone who is and it has been found that just the simple act of talking openly plays a major part in helping in the acceptance of mental health being every bit as much a need for care and consideration as a broken leg or heart condition... Hoping Regis gets the aid he needs. YAM xx

  6. Nope don't follow any politicians on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook Dora, we get enough of their nonsense on the News 😀

  7. I don't follow any politicians except a bit I might read on FB.

    Mental illness has never, ever been inclusive, and it's very sad. Our family can attest to that, but that's a story for another day. I'm sorry for your son.


  8. I follow both my senators and my congressman on Twitter.

    Mental health is so important, but there's still that stigma attached. Maybe one day it'll get the attention it deserves.

  9. Thanks for inviting me over for coffee, lol! That was a cute comment that you left on my blog.

    I do not follow Trump on his Twitter ( I am not on Twitter ) but I read about what he tweets on the news later on.

    For the most part, I do not think that a Pres of the USA should be tweeting as if he were just an average guy. He is embarrassing :)


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