Sunday, March 19, 2017

Come Sunday Day

Last few nights I been having sleep issue. I believe my job is wearing on me. Reality is I need to have a chance but I can't afford to quite.
This is what I'm thinking of doing...June, July, and August taking a week off each of those months. But I need to fine someone to take my spot.
Usual my friend LaWalla feel in for me.

Coffee and watched Sunday Morning news show. I wonder what our health care insurance would be like if the Republican party gets hold of our ACA how much will be gutted out.
Some time ago I wrote to my 2 Senator and my Representative. But living ultra conservative state and being of liberal mind. I was just barking up the wrong tree.
Not sure what the latest on HR767 but I would like to see some type of single payer heath insurance. Let me make this clear...Statement time....I don't believe anyone should get a free ride in life.

Can't recall time since President Trump been elected some news brought up his TWEET Then there other ones like Most liberal Senator WYDEN and conservative is LEE 
Well I like to dedicate ROCKIN ROBIN for all of Trumps tweets 

Our area is having trouble with mud slides and flooding. So I thought I would share a Vidio 

Got all the strips on my quilt done. Cut out strips for binding but I'm not sure how to connect the pieces together.
Had Murphy help me line things up when I cut the top and bottom end of the quilt.
Not much done on the tarot cards I've been working on.

Remember to check out voting for Boo and still trying to gain funds for Daisy, 3/18/17

Coffee is on



  1. Apparently there is a bot that helps you compose faxes to your senators and representative so you can message them once a day without having to call. Text "resist" to 50409. I haven't tried it. I know it's a conservative area, but maybe if enough of you of different mind communicate, maybe they'll know they don't have blanket immunity with their constituency.

  2. Dora, even in a conservative area, resistance is not futile.

    Mudslides? Ugh. Stay safe.

  3. Wow!! The scenery in that video is beautiful. Flooded roads and all. Stay safe everyone!!

  4. Taking a week off here and there sounds like a good plan. No idea what to do with the holidays this year.
    Yah... Trump. What can I say...? A rich person like him cutting off services just like that... He´ll never know cause he doesn´t care.

  5. There are some great videos on you tub to help with the binding for your quilts
    I hope the weather gets better for you soon and your get lots of flowers

  6. Very nice video. I hope you can find someone to fill in for a week here and there so you can take some time for yourself.

  7. I figured you would have some flooding, with all that snow you had.
    Our insurance is well over 1K a month - DH doesn't make enough unemployment to pay cobra if he gets a lay-off. We would be so screwed if TrumpCare went through, DH says he would never be able to retire.

  8. Hope you get to take your weeks off. Sounds like a great idea.

    Sorry to hear about the mud slides. Scary stuff.

    Have a quick, productive week:)

  9. Hari OM
    The side-effects of extreme weather surely take a toll. As do the politicky-news shots. Whenever DT appears on the telly screen, I 'flip him the bird'... jus' sayin'... that twittering bizzo is the worst invention ever. Definitely worth planning a spread of time off. I know how the carer's work burns one out. YAM xx

  10. I think your comments would carry more weight as a liberal voice from a conservative state. Our state is deep blue, but I bet our Senators and representatives may take a second look at comments from conservatives. Not that they'll change their stands, but they certainly want to know what the opposition is thinking and the views of conservatives may cause them to change their thinking a tiny bit.

  11. I can understand your feelings. Coffee, TV and a calm Sunday morning are the best to relax!

  12. bbc makes an excellent point.


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