Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Actual Like Good Things To Happen.

One thing as practicing pagan I never wish anyone bad. I've always figure it could come back and bite me in the ass, 10 folds.
Am I a best I can be. Not always.

Last night my friend Alice and I went over to Troy Montana. I believe from now on I will put in the state. There is about 30 places called troy, and I thought they could have been more. But that what my brief research came up.
The quilting class is over in Troy. I and with Alice we got our a large percentage of the blocks sewn together. And during the week I will finish sewing the blocks together.
Then it will be moving on to sew the strips together.

Got the coral color finished on my side blocks on the locker hock rugs. Now I'm just start on the side strips. Look like I will have plenty of my coral color fabric, and it could possible be used for the backing of quilt I'm doing.

Weigh in at T.O.P.S it went well. Down 2 pounds. I figure on Tuesday will be my super naughty day of eating.
Pretty much watch my portions and limited my naughty food.
Breakfast...Bean (kidney) casserole.
Dinner...fish, cabbage salad, and mac n cheese

As for my clients there still pissing each off. And I will just leave it, but it almost good as any day time soap opera.
I believe they should both have a TWITTER account it It could be interesting.
But I thought of doing an example of possible doing an example of there tweet. Never mine.
Question time....Any of you been following are President TRUMP ON TWITTER  And even PUTIN But he isn't as addicted as Trump.
I wonder how much time any elected official spends looking though SOCIAL MEDIA And gather information.
For me it trying to sell me something at 6:17 pacific time on March 7, 2017 face book is trying to get me to buy...A Make Over and Tablet...But what we post any social media place they pick up key words and sell you something. Now maybe I should post something like...Do you recall color toilet paper and land line phone. Three main net work such as ABC, CBS, and NBC. Back in day they wasn't no FOX, or talk radio. One listen, I did to rock n roll on AM radio. Maybe on Friday they had an radio station would have opinion line.
Since we have social media everyone and including my self is giving there opinion on all most everything. Does this mean I'm slowing down. I doubt it. But I wonder what sort of add I can conder up almost like doing a spell. But I might like the results, or not.

Ms Daisy my dog is in need of a tooth cleaning. Brush her teeth daily. If anyone want to donate there is a link on the right hand side of my blog Daisy teeth cleaning.
Been leaving links about my grand puppy in a photo contest, BOO and she is the first gal in the photo.
Since I mention I social media and twitter. Thought I would leave a LINK 


  1. That was a rather short quilting class, but guess it was adequate as it sounds like all the pieces for the blocks are together. I hope to see the quilt when it's finished.
    My searches seem to bring on the ads on FB. It's irritating, look up one thing and see those ads for a week!

  2. Hari OM
    Failte! Yes, am back in The Hutch at long last... thanks for keeping tabs and commenting. I wasn't able to return the favour I fear.

    I only work on Blogger and G+. No booking face, no singing with birds, no stabbing, no instasnap... have trouble enough keeping tabs as it is, all those other distractions would mean never getting anything serious done!!! YAM xx

  3. I have not been following either. I find it too depressing, which I suppose is a bad attitude. I should be more active in promoting love and understanding. Sometimes it's just too overwhelming though thinking that people can actually behave that way.

  4. We don't have to follow Trumpet on Twitter as the media reports what he has tweeted.

    We live in interesting times and I am not sure what will happen with the world. On public transport almost everyone is staring at their phones now, including older people. Many people seem obsessed by social media and will there be a big break for many at some point?

  5. I remember coloured toilet paper, there was pink and blue and yellow. Now we have plain white, or white with flowers printed in pink or purple.


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