Tuesday, February 07, 2017

My Turn Now

Murphy had the yukies. Now it my turn and it just a common cold. But I don't know what it is with men and being sick.
So I'm just taking it easy. In hope Thursday I can go back to work.

Well I kept to light chores around the place. One load of wash, did a load of whites, dishes, and vacuumed.
Murphy shovel the snow off our roof and stop in to see Regis.
Both him and Liz have group on Wednesday. So That gives me an extra day of rest.

Been slowing doing a little stitching in locker hook rug I been working on. But locker hook is no thinking.

Also did a little on my family history. Still looking for a set of my second great grand parents. I know they live in Philadelphia in 1848.
I'm hoping they was still there for the 1850 census. But it been slow going. Such a large city.

Got a little more info on Helen Elsie Duin who married a nephew of my great grand father Duane.
This might sound a little odd. She would be a first cousin of mine twice removed. 
The only reason I can't find any children they may had. I've search the census of 1910, 1920, and 1940.
The couple had no children listed. Plus Bert her husband as what I found record shows he has no siblings.
Confession time....It look like that direct end of that line, which I fine sad.

Still seek donation for my dear puppydog Daisy. Remember there is a link on right side "Daisy Teeth Cleaning"

Dinner won't be post. Our T.O.P.S weigh in was cancel because of the snow.
But on my personal scale I was at 222. Still not where I need or want to be.
Breakfast...Potatoes, eggs, and sausage
Other...piece of toast with nutmeg and sugar.

Coffee is on


  1. Oh no! No "light" chores when you're sick. No chores at all. You're supposed to remain abed and moan and make everyone else work for you. ;)

  2. Aren't your sons still in your line? I came from a very prolific family - it would take an H bomb to end the line.

    I used to like crafts that didn't require thinking and those that don't require much - like stockings. Just K and P round and around, haha.

    Hope you feel better quickly!

  3. So cool that you can trace your family like that. My grandparents were immigrants. On my father's side I found a record of their arrival in NYC in the early 1900's, and I have the court papers when he legally changed his name, just before my father was born.

    On my mother's side, my grandmother came here with her father, her mother stayed in Europe.

    I can't find records from Europe. I suppose if I asked my friend the genealogist, I could find some of those records.

  4. Sorry to hear you've been unwell, hope you are okay now. I don't bother with light chores when I'm sick. I know from experience that doing "just one thing" leads to a full house cleaning. So now if I'm sick I stay in bed and sleep and read books.
    I have my family tree that my mum traced back, but only on her side. I'm not sure why, maybe there was nothing to be found about my dad's side, or maybe she didn't care enough.

  5. Don't you know that 'man colds' are so much worse than normal colds Dora 😀😀 You should be taking it a bit easier until you recover. Fascinating to do your family history, I often think about doing it but never get around to it.

  6. My mom has been doing the family history thing for years. Her fathers side has been tracked back to the early 1700s. I think it is so interesting. She has Civil War records of family being in jail type camps, register papers and marriage cerf. Its really amazing. Hope you are feeling better soon. I am trying my best to stay in and away from folks, don't need to get sic. Thanks for coming over and visiting at my blog. Come again soon.

  7. It is so interesting to seek into a family history. You are lucky you can go past your parents.... I can't.

    Too bad you are ill with a cold. I hear on the radio that the hospitals are full of flu victims. Good
    health to you soon
    Good cheer


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