Monday, February 27, 2017

In What Every Time

Thought I could finish my day to post. Well as I don't know what my day will be like.
See in bit I will be heading to work. Then after work I will be heading over to my quilting class.
But. The magic word.
See it snowing and if the roads are bad. I won't be going over to Troy.
Now my friend Alice caught some type of crud so she won't be going over this time.
With Adult classes in Troy Montana the way they communicate is something else. You call the school dist and you listen to all these option of what to 1 for...pres 2 for...and such and your clue less which one to pick.
Then usual most sectaries are usual know what going on...She did and patch me though to one teachers there who is head of adult classes.
Left message about quilting class...Haven't heard from her anyone...

Don't were my pedometer on the weekends. So Monday thru Friday I wear it. This morning I did a some time on the tread mill.
Hopeful though out the day I can get a few extra steps in.
Breakfast....ham, eggs, and potatoes.
Now for the rest of day I won't get chance to post what I eat.

Still trying to raise funds for "Daisy Teeth Cleaning." There is a link on the right side of blog...

Coffee is on


  1. Press 1 ... Press 2 ...
    This technology we have gotten into is going to make some of us go running into the woods, screaming, and pulling out our hair.
    Sorry - but all these "conveniences" just aren't and I'm having a day!

  2. Why don't you wear your pedometer on the weekends? Do you go no place? Walk nowhere? I bet you get a few steps in...

  3. I hope you get to go to class tonight, I hate bad weather!

  4. I get the feeling about half the automated phone systems I run into were created by people who are so wrapped up in their own world that they have no idea how they come across.

    Then there are the ones that interact so close to life-like that it gets scary.

  5. Ham, eggs and potatoes - sounds like something we like to eat on a long lazy brunch on the weekends. :-)

  6. I dislike those press one, press two options. I always wait until the end and then a real person comes on the line. If the press options just start over, I hang up.
    My breakfast was yoghurt and fruit.

  7. It doesn't sound promising about your quilting class Dora, everything seems to be working against you 😑 not good that your friend is sick. Apart from the potato that was a good breakfast!

  8. Hello Dora! Jane here from The Ever-Living Ones in Ireland - coffee sounds good to me :)

  9. Why don't you wear your pedometer on weekends? Like Liz A., I think you may find that you walk more than you think you do -- or, actually, that wearing the pedometer will motivate you to walk more than you would normally do!

  10. .. hello Dora.... Barbara here, thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you liked it..
    I hope you get to your quilting class...
    I'd be wearing the pedometer on the weekends, it might be a nice surprise to see how many steps were done xxxx
    ..have a good day .... Barb xxxxx


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