Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Great Mop Battle

I wouldn't use the word "war" but I would use the term "Mop Battle"
Murphy want to get a mop which we needed for a time.
My only request was not to get sponge mop. They just gross me out, and if there not change after the third use. I figure your just spreading guk and germs about.

Now here comes the trouble he got an O' Cedar twist mop. Not even though my first use it broke. As I was  a few times put the end kept popping off. small.
Second complaint..."Your force to buy a new mop head" Me personal I would of taken it back to the store and either got my money back or a new mop.
It has a cheap plastic zip tie. That once you gotten it over the mop handle you pull tight and cut.
But this set my temper a blazing.
When Murphy made the comment "I bet you never swept the floor"
My comment was brief and to the point....%u*( @ou Murphy your sounding like my %u*(i+ dad. He so much jump to conclusion before he had the facts.
Well I can tell my hubby to %u*i> off. I wouldn't ever spoke to my parents that way.

Didn't make it to Liz housing appointment today. This morning the weather kept talking about freezing rain. Which means possible icy road.
She made anther appointment after I get back form Oregon.
So I ask if she had a chance to talk to her therapist on how to tell Regis about her hubby. She has to use these two words  "Husband" and "relationship" when she tells him.
I just wish she would get it over with. It like pulling off a band aide slow and painful.

On the way home from work I was sure thinking about a getting a cookie or candy bar from the Naples General Store.
I didn't stop. I recall I promise my self I would only eat big naughty food on Tuesday.
Breakfast...BLT Sandwich
Lunch (first lunch) bowl of cheerios with strawberries and second lunch peanut butter sandwich with banana and brown rice syrup.
Dinner...chicken, rice, and beets.
good snack...plain popcorn.

Still seek donation and remember I've match all donation for Ms Daisy. There is a link on the right hand side of this blog called "Daisy teeth cleaning"

Our utilities company  NORTHERN LIGHTS been going around replacing light bulbs with LED lights, for free. They took out the old bulbs and not sure what we had but it was those twist ones. We had 21 replace. Two water effected shower heads. I have to say I'm not all that impress with them.
And a new fancy power strips.
Not sure what we will save. It won't be until April tell we get the entire picture.

Coffee is on


  1. I got one of those swiffer mops that sprays the cleaner. Works pretty effortlessly to my satisfaction for what it is. (I used to do the floors on my hands and knees - no wonder my body is worn out.)
    Those LED lights are pretty cheap on electricity. Nice that you got them free!

  2. Those twist mops frequently bite the dust. Seems to be something about the design.

    I like sponge mops just fine, but we generally resort to just using rags on the floor. It's quicker than getting out a bucket, etc.

  3. Replacement LED lights, save power, better lighting, cooler lighting, good. Replacement shower heads, bad. Save water yes, but for the rest of your life you will have miserable showers.

  4. A rag...hands and knees...that's my version. lol

  5. Ugh, I hate it when something new breaks.

  6. I bet you'll see savings in your electric bill. As long as the light isn't terrible, they're probably worth it.

  7. Very catchy title. I believe I've had a few of these myself. ;-)

  8. I like your mop entry. Would you believe the one time in my life that I hired a lady to clean my kitchen and bathroom (I had been in the hospital) she had the nerve to tell me she didn't like my mop. How rude !

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  10. I had this battle once or twice myself. After moving to a new apartment, I had to decide if I wanted a regular mop and bucket set-up of maybe a Swiffer type mop. In the end, I decided to go with Swiffer because it's much easy and consumes less space but, I'm sure a regular mop could clean better.


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