Thursday, February 16, 2017

Experience More or Less

History or things from the past been an interest for me. Not necessary those who are famous. Try googling famous and a whole bunch comes up.
Some of us will leave a bigger mark on this world then other.
Doing my family history I know my dad was married 3 times once a short time to a lady name Anna Bleazby on 25 October 1924 and was killed at road crossing on 25th of January 1925, by a train.
I only can feel pain for my father for what he could of possible went though. More I learn about his life. If it was happen now he would of been in therapist. But my dad dealt with things by drinking booze.
Before that his own dad Clarence my grandfather abandoned his family, so she got a divorce on the ground of desertion.

Anna was just 20 when she died. It got me wonder what she hadn't experience in her life. And even my life.
The list could go on and on.
Let see the ten things I yet haven't experience and would like over an ocean, eat at Maison Pic,  go up in world one bi plane, be in marathon even if I walk it, get tattoo, have something I make be in a show, be weight less, be able to actual travel though a time machine, and make a public speech.
I know these even sound out rages at my age.

The other day I was ask if I was going to have my ceramic shop this up coming year. I have to live in the real world. It plain and simple I can't gamble on a business that doesn't have a study income.
Looking back and not worth crying over spilled milk...Murphy and I with the boys should of left the area for a better job...Most Murphy and my married life he or I made never over $13.00 and hour. So his social security is $669 a month.
People around here who have the $1,000 or more from social security usual came from some place else.

I've complain about doing in home care. Mainly the way it set up. It pays to keep everyone dysfunctional....But my current clients as human I don't have to many grumbles about. To live with little bit of  stress we need bring in an extra $586...If I could be sure I could clear $800 a month profit being  ceramic owner.
My in-home care statics would change, not sure how but I know I wouldn't be working 30 hours a week.

Still collecting donation for Ms Daisy and her teeth cleaning there is a link on right hand side "Daisy teeth cleaning"
But each pay check I've been sticking $20 in daisy can, and the anther $20 for my ceramics.

Naughty food...To many cookies, and ding dong.
Breakfast....potatoes and eggs
dinner...pork chops, mac n cheese, and green beans.
Good food...toast with peanut butter.

There so much I still want to try in my life....Question time...What do you want to try in life or experience?

Coffee is on



  1. Crikey ... the thing I MOST want to try in life is to chase a bunny in an open field. Whenever I'm in bunny territory Mum makes sure I'm in my escape proof harness. What a spoil sport, aye??

  2. I can't imagine losing a spouse so soon after the marriage, he had to be devastated!

    You have quite the bucket list! I've done most of the things I thought I wanted to do with the exception of parachuting out of a plane. Now - I wouldn't dare, my BP would kill me before I landed on the ground.

  3. It is so easy to imagine what we might have done in life and what we might of been, but we have ended up where we are because of how we are. If you bring up children, it is even harder. No regrets.

  4. its hard to make a living anywhere, work is good. my hourly rate is good but I only get 23 hrs a week.
    the rest of my life situation not so good.

  5. What would I like to try? I honestly don't know. I used to want to try things like skydiving, abseiling, I used to want to go and see Niagara Falls.
    Now I don't care so much. I'm stuck where I am, there's no getting out of it, I just have to make the best of it.

  6. There are very few things one ever gets too old to do. Why not try some of them?

  7. my current project is going one year without shaving or getting a haircut. it's been seven months now and i look like a homeless old hobo.

    soup is on.


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