Friday, February 10, 2017

Every Value Is Important

Slowly feeling better. But not up to par of a full time work. Thursday I got in total of 4 hours. Looks like this week I will have in total of 12 hours.
But if I figure I didn't take care of my self and have no desire to spread the nasty germ bug.

Got a donation for DAISY and things been hectic here. I've said I would match the donations for her. And I will match it before the weekend is over.
Thank you all who donated and shared about Daisy.

Decided to draw a tarot card and I got the "fool" which represent "Trust" and this card have no value. Question time....Who or How is a value assigned? 
But the fool represents "trust". To me trust is very important in one life. But as we age we learn part of being naive about worldly events. That most of us sometime had someone who did a misdeed to us,  slow are trust is damage. Though healing process we might slow learn and except trust once again.
Like everyone I've been made of fool of. It was fairly easy to forgive and move forward. But the hardest part is forgiving one self.
It's not someone making a fool of you. But it you been sucked in by the fool.
And once someone makes fool of you and your more up set with your self for falling to fool.
But in general I trust all will work out as it needs to for the good of all.
We all should trust in our self.

My camera finely got back. Sorry I miss my friend LaWalla. But I thought I would put in some hours since I didn't work the first part of the week.

Our neighbor came over with a big tractor and push out our drive way. Murphy gave him $40.00 well worth it.

Find this kind of sad. That on my cousin 2X remove on his death they list any info about his mother Susan Bonner as unknown.
It got me wondering and back in those days very few people talk to a therapist.

The little I know about Susan she was born in New York and married my 2nd great Uncle Henry Witherell.
He died of disease in the CIVIL WAR, and leave a young widow and one son.
She later married John Brown and looks like they was two children came from this union.
On Susan death certificate it shows she a mother of 3 and when she died in 1899 that one child past, daughter Myrtle.
But on Harley Death Certificate said he died in year of 1927. On our death certificate usual it list both parents names and place of birth.
But on Harley it list nothing about his mother.
I think most spouse can answer the general info on there spouse family.
I'm wonder if they might be some deep rooted bitterness. I guess there no way of known or unless I run into a personal diary of Harley.
And I give that about triple zippo odds.

Found out Liz is keeping her hours of 15 week. I was a little worried that since President Trump came in office my hours would be zap back.

Coffee is on


  1. Stopped in to have coffee but then I remembered I gave that up! haha....Family history and being able to go back and view names, and dates or things is amazing. I love it when mom starts talking about all that.

  2. Wow, the snow! Any more forecast? I imagine you think there has been enough, huh?
    Lots of unknowns in my family tree.
    Sounds like you are beginning to get over your bug.

  3. Glad you are feeling better and that Daisy's dental fund is growing.

  4. I'm loving your old photos and family history

  5. I wonder if there is any other possible way you can find out about Susan Bonner, it seems like unfinished business if you have any loose ends Dora ☺

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. I've enjoyed reading here today (with a cup of tea, not coffee :-) ).
    I'm keen on genealogy and family history and loved seeing your snowy pictures.

  7. I used to trust too much, but now I'm more wary. I hope you find more information about your past family, it must be so hard when a lot of information is missing or was just never recorded. I know almost nothing about my father's family and no way to find out.

  8. You definitely need to take care of yourself first. Glad you're on the mend.

    I always thought The Fool card denoted the beginning of a journey. As the first card in the Major Arcana, it signified a beginning or a start of something new.


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