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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Yesterday But Today Would Be Fine

Yesterday I wrote to my elected officials from my home state of Idaho. And just couldn't get into blogging.
If any of listen to the news from the United States the up coming President Trump and the Republican wants to get rid of what we call OBAMA CARE and to best of my knowledge the other side haven't came up with plan.
I did my part. But me personal I would like to see a one payer system. I better express here or someone will get there undies in bunch. "I don't think anyone should have a free ride in life" My thought would be expand our medicare and have every one pay 1 to 3 percent of there income for medical.
Opinion time...People who makes bad health choices should pay closer to the 3%. Enough on this. I been on this soap box before.

I have to say I been please with my morning weigh in on our scale. 218 and when I weigh in at local tops I want the scale there to read under 218.50.
When I graduated out of high school almost 40 years I was at 130 or so.

Work been going ok. But dealing with the cell phone company can be as frustrated as the regular land line company.
How hard should get hold of a cell phone company and let them know you had to change your debt card number and give them the new number. So they can pull out the money from the account.
This is what Regis is trying to complete. To me it sound simple enough. But it wasn't been.
So Monday his social worker will be and hopeful she can move forward on it.

He got a few new figurines for Christmas. Hopeful I can get photo of them. I couldn't tell you how many CAPTAIN AMERICA he has.

One of his walls. Every-time or almost when go there. I say..."Isn't that new" and so far it isn't new.

I was hoping it would get up to 20 a lease today. So I could spend little time out with Daisy tossing the ball. We did go out for a very short time.
Since I'm on the subject of Miss Daisy. Still trying to raise money for her teeth cleaning or any other possible vet bills.
On the right hand side of my blog. There is a link "Daisy Teeth Cleaning" and remember I've match all donation.

Friday Murphy went to the doctor office to get his finger poked. Mid December he went and had a physical and his blood work on his sugar was high since he was fasting. It read 140. So they want to anther reading.
Not sure what this one will be. I figure they call Tuesday or Wednesday and let him know.
As he was living the clinic backing out of there parking lot. He hit a bumper of van and knock out tail light on my car.

Finish up the rag rug I been working on. It measurement are about 60 inches by 48 inches. This is the biggest one I did.
Evening dreaming I thought it might be interesting to replace the rug my dinning room table set on.
Actual my next one will be for the kitchen in my home, by the sink. A lot smaller then then this one.
Not sure of color yet.

On the weekend I don't wear my pedometer. The only naughty food I had was kid's ice cream. Dinner Murphy made stuff green peppers.

Coffee is on


  1. Now that is an interesting idea! Those who make healthy choices pay less, and those who don't pay more. I wonder if that would actually promote healthy behaviours?

    PS. Thanks for dropping by.
    Lovely to e-meet you!

  2. Love your rug, Dora! Great job...I haven't made one quite that big, yet. I think my biggest has been a 40 inch oval. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. With our insurance, we are paying close to 20% of his income, unless he gets to work overtime.
    I absolutely love your rug! It really makes me wish I could do that again.

  4. I love stuffed peppers, but I don't make them often enough as they aren't a favorite of the children. Have a great weekend!

  5. Yes, it is a good idea to pay a percentage of income towards public medical care, which is what many countries do, including mine, but it does not fully cover the cost. I am not keen on the health choices aspect though. Where is the line drawn? You smoke? You pay more. You eat too much? Pay more. You stay up late at night and are sleepy the next day and injure yourself when you crash your car. Pay more. You nick yourself when shaving your legs because you used an old blade? You pay more.

  6. It's a crime that the United States is the only Western nation without universal health care. And our new Congress is finding it difficult to keep their campaign promises, they have nothing to replace the current system.

  7. Love that rug!! So colorful. Oh and your stuffed peppers...yummy and healthy; can't beat that.

  8. Anonymous11:45 AM

    I love those rugs Dora. How wide did you cut your strips? They're just wonderful... The stuffed peppers look good too. I haven't had those in forever.

  9. I have these type of rugs...store bought, now I'm wondering how did you make them. And if I can make :)

  10. Nice rug. Have you seen that someone came up with a script to use when calling various representatives? It was a great way to hammer home things that you'd want them to do.


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