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Sunday, January 08, 2017

Yes I Say and No I Say

Some time I'm clueless what to even blog about. I know my life isn't all that exciting. Confession time...I like reading about other people life and there thoughts.
Total enjoy getting comments. I only had one bad comment all the years of blogging. It was over religion and snob attitude. That long ago and so be it.

Weather is usual a safe thing to blog about. It warm up to 20 (-6) and the dog loves it. Because I will go out on the county road and toss ball a bit.
Since I'm on dog and make this short. Still trying to raise money for her teeth cleaning and any other possible vet bill. There is a link to right hand side of my blog called “Daisy Teeth Cleaning”. Once again I match it.

Still back the weather Murphy and I drove up to visit Quenella up on Katka. She not that far up the mountain.
Some reason when my camera becomes cold it doesn't want to work. So I got no photos. This photo came off of google.
She has less snow then we do.

But she lives a complete different life style. She has no running water and electricity that come from the local power company.
Off the grid living.
Been there done that.
During the winter it can be some what a hassle. Or a pain in rear. It hard work.

The rug I made went to her. She loved it. Looks good in her little cabin. Had a nice visit with raspberry tea and leaves came from my garden.
She makes sachet with herbs off her garden. Every year she makes these candy full of brandy that you can get buzz off. So I came home with intoxicating candy.

Slowly starting to put the colors together for Liz rag rug. I'm doing it in our flag colors red, white, and blue.
So one day last week I went into local thrift store and got start on my stash.
But before I start on her rug. I want to do one for my self.
Thinking about 36 inch (91cm) oval for by the kitchen sink.

Order a rug canvas. So I can do a looker look rug for my son and there wives. One I know will have aqua in it. Question time...what colors look good with Aqua?
The other haven't made up my mind yet.

Now I might be stepping on some toes. Opinion time...I believe people who makes a general healthy choices should pay less for there health insurance, I'm in-favor of a one payer system.
The reason I say this is because being in-home care line of work. Most of what I seen there choices put there health in risk.. I only had two client in past who didn't smoke. Both of mine smokes, and one even has one functional lung.
Eating properly. I've seen diabetics take insulin and just pig  out on refine sugars. Forget the veggies and  fruit.
I'm not anti treat. I had slice of Qunella intoxicating candy when I came home.
But I do try to have well balance food though out the day. Ate some almonds and oranges today
I'm over weight and that should be consider in my health care cost. I have high blood pressure and I believe it from choices I've made.
But I under stand some things in life one has no control over.
These people I take care of has no responsibility for there health,what so every. So soda pop, cookies and candy is ok for there main diet.

One thing I did finely took down our Christmas tree, dishes, and dry a load of laundry.

Coffee is on


  1. Your life doesn't sound boring to me. You sure seem to fit a lot into each day. You're no where near as boing as my Mum. I had a bad comment on one of my blogs once. Oh my ..... there was lots of bad words in it. Mum deleted it as soon as she saw it and we've not had anymore since.

  2. Quenella must be proud that you gave her that beautiful rug! Yes, it would be perfect in a cabin. That candy sounds good!
    Colors I like with aqua - bright yellow, coral, and white.
    Taking down the Christmas tree is nowhere near as much fun as putting it up, huh?

  3. Nice of you to give her the rug. I would like to try off grid living but the only thing I can't see living without is the internet. Hubby couldn't stand it so unlikely.

  4. My employer provides our insurance, and have to pay the premiums. There's a surcharge for anyone who uses tobacco.

  5. What a beautiful first photo. I feel peaceful just looking at it.

  6. High blood pressure may be from your health choices or may not. I know a lot of people eat everything right, don't smoke, don't get overweight and still have high blood pressure.
    Myself? I don't smoke, but eat some wrong foods and am overweight, but my blood pressure is normal.

    Colours that go good with aqua would be dark teal, but not too dark, and melon, with maybe some white.

  7. my wife has always brushed the dogs teeth. the trick is to use childs candy flavored toothpaste. it's a 2 person operation for the first month or so.

  8. I like visiting your blog because it gives me views and isnights into a part of the world I've never been to, and probably never will. Idaho may be home to you but for me, it's as far away and exotic as, say, Timbuktu or the Antarctic. :)

  9. Colors that go with aqua? Depends on what you're going for. This is where you pull out the color wheel. If you want vibrant, you want to go opposite, so in the oranges. If you want mellow, stick with blues and greens.

  10. Hi Dora,

    Always lovely to read what other people are up to on their blogs - so it was fun to see what you are getting up to. I took our Christmas tree down and you always feel a little sad taking it all away.
    Happy New Year

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