Monday, January 30, 2017

Who Knows What or Why

I'm one who believe giving a hand up. And my son Bart had some pretty cool sock on. Need to mention I was visiting him yesterday. But the main reason I went and see the grand daughter.
To find out his mother in law Dana bought SOCK for Christmas. If you notice this company matches the purchases and goes to the homeless. Which I believe is noble cause.
Question time....why does it cost at time so much to help others? I have no trouble paying some one a livable wages, and treating people fair. As I know the world isn't fair/
But to me $12 for pair of ladies sock seem a little steep. Usual I get a pack of sock for $6.00 to $10.00

Since I'm blab about donation I'm still seeking donation for Daisy teeth cleaning and possible future vet bills. There is a link on right hand side of my blog, "Daisy teeth cleaning" Also I'm matching all donations.

Weight in at our local T.O.P.S (Taking Off Pounds Sensible) one never know what one will weigh in.
But been spending a little more time on the tread mill.
Breakfast...bacon, toast, and eggs
Lunch...malt o meal, banana, and piece of cheese.
Dinner...spaghetti, corn, and cottage cheese.
Naughty food...a small York peppermint patty, and jaw breaker.

Got the bias tape sew on both pocket and one pocket sewn to front of the apron. Finish marking out where the different colors will go on the locker hooker rug.

Not sure what will be happen with my job. I'm not sure what going on with Liz and her ex. For now I'm playing it by ear.

Coffee is on


  1. I totally agree that $12, even $10, is pretty steep for a pair of socks!

  2. There is no accounting for what people will pay for products - like socks. The manufacturers charge what they think they can get.

  3. A jaw breaker! Wow. I haven't touched one of those since i was a kid and broke two teeth on one.
    I buy my socks when they're on special, usually a two-pack or three-pack for $9.95.

  4. Jawbreakers? I didn't know that they still make jawbreakers.

  5. Stay away from jawbreakers or you may be paying an unwanted visit to the dentist. My husband has magnificent teeth, everything mine are not. Even so, he began feeling pain two years ago. It turned out he had cracked a tooth. He had chewed ice for decades with no problems, but finally his habit resulted in a cracked tooth, the loss of the tooth, and one failed attempt to replace the lost tooth with an implant. The second implant "took."

  6. For those socks I can see the price. You think $12 is expensive, try knitting a pair of socks. $12 is cheap if you look at it that way.

  7. Hee hee! I love your acronym T.O.P.S - I haven't heard that before. :-)


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