Friday, January 27, 2017

Some People And There Choices

Statement time...I wonder about why people make the choices they do. I don't think I told you all about Liz marriages and there quite a few. I don't know the exact number let say it more then five.
She still married and after three days he left her and she haven't heard hair or hide of him for about 8 years. But she was drunk and had to be held up when she got married to him
Last night he got hold of her. I only can go by what she told me about him. Doesn't sound like a real nice person.
This person who abuse and assaulted his parents. Spend time in Utah state prison not sure for what.
I know her social worker and her been working on her getting a divorce and other stuff.
Last night he called and says he on the way and invited him to stay and she told him she would help him. I guess he looking to live off the grid. It fairly common there plenty of anti government people here.
As I'm not train in mental health area. I was wonder if her social worker or therapist know about her up coming visitor. But as I was there her therapist called and want to some out to see her.
But to find out she did tell her social worker and she must of contact her therapist.
What I gather Liz ex has no empathy or compassion.

Eating been ok. Smaller portion.
Naughty food..Candy
good and tomato
Breakfast...omelet, and toast
Lunch...Chicken leg and chili
Dinner...Rib, potatoes, and carrots

My last BLOG POST was about my friend LaWalla one medication that cost $13,000 haven't talk to her lately to see what it is. But I know it has some connection with West Africa.
It good thing she is on disability and it bought by the state.
I could go on and on about how our disability program works. Statement time....There plenty to be skim off the disable.

I wonder why there called "Pro life" they had a march today. which is in our constitution. But me I call them "Pro fetus" the heavy duty ones. I meant seem to be against any school levy they have those vote no sign in there yards. No birth control funding. And forget about food and shelter.
I usual vote for candidates who tends to help those who might need hand up. Sure there is reason for people getting snap (food stamps) and Statement time...there plenty of wrong how the snap program is operated.

Unless LaWalla is coming this way before Wednesday. I won't see my camera until I go over to Troy.
One last thing on the right hand side of my blog I'm still looking for donation on "Daisy Teeth Cleaning"

I sure hope Liz will be all right. I'm thinking her therapist notify the authority. He sound scary to me.

Coffee is on


  1. To marry badly so many times tells something, unless you do it for money, which it seems she didn't.

  2. I hope that 'husband' doesn't abuse her or steal what little she has. It's a sad situation for Liz.
    If I was healthy, I wouldn't mind living off the grid again. It's not all that bad.

  3. Crikey .... poor Liz ..... I somehow think her husband is going to be bad news for her.

  4. I hope Liz will be alright too. I hope her social worker knows about the husband and can stop in to make sure everything is alright, maybe make sure he doesn't stay with Liz.
    Some women just keep making the same mistakes when getting married.

    So many marriages, almost like Elizabeth Taylor.

  5. sometimes in life we usually all have something we might do differently if we ''knew'' what we do now.
    I am actually scared to imaging what will happen in the usa now. and it shows what a farce politics really is.

  6. I hope Liz will be OK.

    You're right about yesterday's march. They want a child born, but not a child fed, clothed or educated.

  7. He sounds very scary.. she needs to send him packing pronto!

  8. I'm glad Liz told her therapist. She shouldn't be alone with a whack-job.

    I think they're starting to call them the pro-birth movement. Not pro-life. Pro-life would care about the living, too.

  9. Poor Liz. I hope she steers clear of him.

    As for the marchers, I have heard too many stories from my grandmothers, mother and others to allow the Pro-Lifers to roll back Roe vs Wade. Leave that law alone!! Some pithy statements from other folks: (1) If you're against abortion, don't get one. (2) The RIght-to-Lifers seem to believe that the "right to life" begins at conception and ends at birth.

    "Pro-Birth" is a good term. Just because I'm pro-choice doesn't mean I'm not pro-life. Some people can't see shades of grey.

  10. You're right. I think your friend Liz needs some help. This guy does not sound like a good person.


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