Saturday, January 21, 2017

Protesting What Can It Prove

I can only recall twice that our area of Boundary County every Protested any thing. I know it been in the news march on washington
Question time...what is there march about? I have no trouble people marching for a cause even if I don't agree. There such marches as FRY ARMYWOMAN SUFFRAGERABBI MARCHPROMISE KEEPERMILLENNIUM MARCHTAX PAYERMARCH FOR LIFEOCCUPY WALL STREETFORWARD ON CLIMATEDEMOCRACY SPRING, or the MARCH ON WASHINGTON.
But looting and vandalizing isn't petitioning your government.
 Statement time...I didn't vote for Trump and I don't agree complete on electoral collage most state like Idaho is winner takes all. Sure here in Idaho Trump took not quite 60% of the votes. But Clinton took Just over fourth of the votes.
Then the rest was under 10%...I don't see why Clinton a lease didn't get one of the electoral college vote from my state....Opinion time...I feel my vote was waste of gas here in Idaho.
But I don't see .marching and protesting because he won. But if a policy bothers you petition your 
It simple my candidate didn't win. Does that mean I should be Marching because I didn't get my way.
Sure I been watching his policy and I do keep in touch with my elected officials.
As for my home area. Like I said I can recall a protest and walk out. The local educators marched once when our governor visited our area.
My youngest Bart was still in high school and came home with wide eyes and said “There protesters and they even have signs.
Ages ago one of sawmill went on strike.
But the town just south of us is having a MARCH 

Start to cut some red strips for rag rug. It's a little harder to fine red fabric. I could go to a store that sell fabric but I have trouble with the ideal of paying $10.00 a yard and something that ends up on the floor bothers me.
I went though my tote of fabric which I bought at a rummage sale. Seeing what I could fine in possible reds.
I took these few piece out.

I did find a nice size piece I could use in the quilting class in Troy. And there other colors that would complaint it.
If I was a senior the class would be free. But still have to pay the out state fee of $15.00. So my friend Alice will pay only out state cost of $15.00 and I will pay $35.00.
Still not bad.

Monday I'm riding over to NEWPORT WASHINGTON LaWalla has a doctor appointment there. She said she going to stop at BEN FRANKLIN in Old Town. They do have a good selection of fabric and there prices are about the same as our local one here.
Since I bought the aqua and yellow at wal mart. Order a bias tape makers kit, and order coral from
FABRIC DOT COM I'll have to wait a before I purchase much more. 
I have enough fabrics for quite a few projects. 
But I'll ask if she has the time to stop by a thrift store and see if they have any red fabrics.
We just got our gas heat bill. Just under $73.00

It snowing but it's light and it note accumulating much. Well I'm still looking for help to help me pay for possible Vet bills for Daisy and there is link on right hand side called “Daisy Teeth Cleaning”

Coffee is on


  1. People are not only marching in the USA but around the world too.I've seen the campaigns even over here on this side of the world. I suppose the theory is that you should never sit back in silence when you have the chance to speak for what you believe is right - even if you're in the minority. But... I personally believe it must be done peacefully otherwise you loose all respect for the issue you're standing for.

  2. Those reds are very pretty.
    I don't think there's any marching or protesting going on in my country.
    It wouldn't do any good anyway.

  3. The reds are so pretty.
    Yes protesting because your candidate didn't win is silly that's democracy
    Protest for unfair laws, discrimination and for anything you see is wrong in the world

  4. I can't see where protesting does anything besides give a person a chance to blow off steam. I may be wrong, just my opinion.
    Have you looked into Joanne's Fabrics sales?

  5. I marched. And it wasn't about my candidate losing, it was about me addressing my government, about the policies that will shape the next four years.

    The red is pretty

  6. I think the marches were peaceful Dora. I was thrilled to see so many woman walk in protest against this horrible man who is now your president. I think the changes he makes will not be better for most people.. it's possible we could all be wrong, if we are, I will be the first to admit I was wrong 😊

  7. What happened electorally was unprecedented. And the idiot now holding office is behaving in narcissistic, childish ways. The government is preparing to gut social security, get rid of the ACA, and is threatening to roll back all of the programs and progress we've made over the last several years. The administration is lying about how many attended the inauguration, for pity's sake!

    The protests are a way to show that we're not going to sit back and take this nonsense. (I did not march. I support those that did.) We must resist this blatant attempt to wrest power from the people. He doesn't care about us. He's just out for himself.

  8. I did not march. I support those who did. We are in danger of losing rights it took years to get. Just as one example, I remember, before IDEA, my mother in law's neighbor who had a son born with a defective heart had to fight for her son's right to a Free and Appropriate Public Education. They wouldn't even transport him to the school. Now, this administration's pick for Education Secretary doesn't seem to have much knowledge of what IDEA is. Alana


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