Monday, January 23, 2017

Maybe Or Lease Attempt.

The other day I made a statement on this BLOG post “I can only recall twice that our area of Boundary County every Protested any thing.”
I forgot about the SYRIAN REFUGEES and our town. I didn't attend but those who oppose got shout down and heckled.
In a couple of weeks after a small group of people marched against bigotry. I was there...It was some what scary. The people with opposing side, walked the street with there guns and such.
A few threats though social media. Nothing came of it.
Wish I had a photo of this one guy. I call him John Wayne position . My hubby and I was talking to a friend of ours. Since there plenty of people standing around with guns...She ask both us if we felt any safer with these people in there guns...I had to say “Not really”

There was a person behind our friend. Having that stand when ones in Western Movies or shows. Looks like we was ready to draw. Statement time...It sure made me a little un-easy. Right down scary not sure if he was going to shoot or not.
I posted a cartoon simple I couldn't fine a real photo of gunslinger.
There been protest in our country for a long time. The conservative side of our country is acting like they welcome President Obama when he got elected with open arms. I recall a different attitude.

I recall Senator MCCONNEL wishing for President Obama to fail.

 Some decades have more MARCHES and don't let anyone fool you the conservative has march for there causes also.

Now do I want Trump to fail. Opinion time...I believe his policy is questionable. I have some what a hard time getting behind the tea party ideals. Confession time...I want the tea party to fail.
But at this time it looks like the Tea Party got there way.
Confession time....I'm worried, and my husband also worried more then me. How possible our country might be heading.

 Got back from Newport Washington with my friend LaWalla she had a doctor appointment. On the way though we did some shopping. Most of it was window shopping.
Both of us our low on funds. My friend is very chemical sensitive. Her entire diet is organically vegetation.
She spend some time at special hospital in Dallas for her CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY Her and I are the same height and when she was down in Dallas she weight 80 some pounds
I never ask but she told me for her alone she spends about $600 on food alone. That not including soaps, paper products, or supplements.
Her place is subsidize and she pays a little under $60 a month. I know she got a four hundred grant to help her pay for her utilities. Not sure how long that will last her. In past Murphy and I got and energy grant which last us 4 to 6 months.
She on disability and her monthly check is just over $900. At one time her and I split the hours with Regis and Liz. I said if you need to come back to work I would give up one my clients. They get the same amount of hours.
She thanked me but she going to see what else she could come up with. She has an older car and she would be driving in from Troy Mt.

Breakfast...Eggs, bacon, potatoes
Dinner...ground beef gravy over potatoes and greens
Travel...stuff grape leaves, and some type of wrap.
A little bit of time on the tread mill.

Left my camera in LaWalla car and never got any photo. Quick reminder there is a link on the right hand side of my blog for “Daisy Teeth Cleaning”

Coffee is on



  1. Peppy, a lot of us are worried. We just have hang together for the next few years.

  2. The statement goes something like this "Politicians make strange bedfellows" adapted from a line in the play The Tempest, by William Shakespeare.

  3. The up side of all this is that some of us who were just coasting happily along may begin to take a little more interest in politics, since it's no longer "politics as usual." Time to join hands with kindred spirits and draw some lines.

  4. I'm not a Conservative or a Liberal. I'm a Moderate and we don't exist anymore.
    So, I just live my life as I always have and go along--onward and upward--ever forward.

  5. But now we can look at the tea party's tactics and use them to our advantage ;)

  6. I love your first picture. Love from Europe

  7. I would feel uneasy too with armed protestors!
    Guns were banned in Australia in the 80s. Of course it received lots of protest but I'm proud that the prime minister at the time saw the bigger issue and didn't back down.

  8. i'm very happy that we have strict gun control.


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