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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Like To Leave Politic and Religion Alone Until Wednesday

I was ask about our sale tax. So I'm going to answer it directly and give my opinion how it should be. My blog and my thoughts
Our sale tax is on everything we buy and the rate is 6%. Which includes food. I've heard tells that our elected official may be trying to remove it off of food.
At present time we do get a food tax credit or a refund up to $100 per person.
Personally I would like it remove off of food and increase it up to say 8% on everything else. Opinion time....It a regressive tax on those who are at the lower end of the income scale. They pay a larger percentage of income on food.

Every client I have had. I learn something from. See people even when they became middle age can learn.

The other day I learn about MCFARLANE of many figurines

Looking at pattern instruction of apron smock. I notice it has bias tape. Confession time...Had to pull up a you tube video to see how to sew it on. Because I didn't recall how to sew it on.

I don't believe I have any bias tape around here. But there a few places I could take a look. Then I'll check with the local fabric places. For a small town we have 5 places that sells fabric.
Then it will be toss up going to Walmart and our close one is in PONDERAY a 21 mile drive. (33)
but I've looked at getting a bias tape maker. But not sure how much I would use it or if nothing can be found local I would end up driving down to Ponderay Walmart.

It seem I do have a good diverse amount of friends though all sort of social media which includes blogger. Farthest would be New Zealand and Australia. Close one would be my neighboring state of Montana.
It looks like I follow or have more contact with female bloggers.
Looks like I'm the only blogger who listen as Naples and for North Idaho 123 bloggers although this is just what listed with Blogger. I know there is other site like word press.

Still trying gather up donation to have my dog teeth clean. Link on the right side of blog.

Coffee is on


  1. Here in New York we do pay 8% (actually 8.25%), but food and other necessities are exempt from sales tax. We just got rid of the "tampon tax" -- it took until 2016 for the idiots up in Albany to agree that tampons and other feminine hygiene products are "necessities".

    YouTube is a wonderful resource. Last summer I pushed the wrong button and accidentally changed my speedometer from "miles per hour" to "kilometers per hour ", and couldn't figure out how to change it back until I saw a video on YouTube.

  2. I never made bias tape successfully. I always bought it when it was on sale and kept a 'stash.'
    YouTube has shown me quite a few things I didn't know how to do.

  3. I usually buy bias tape in various widths if I think I'll be needing any, but at school in sewing class we learned to cut diagonal strips of our fabric to use as bindings, and we learned how to sew them together if we needed a longer strip. I don't remember now how to do it, but I don't make my own clothes, so that's okay. I don't remember how much tax we pay on certain foods; here it's called GST which means Goods and Sales Tax, and it applies to most factory made things like fridges, washing machines etc and also to services like car repairs, air conditioner repairs and so on. Some of our food is exempt. the fresh unprocessed things usually. For instance fresh beef, and minced beef which you call ground beef; but if the minced beef has things added to it and it is shaped into burger patties, then packaged for sale, they will have GST added. Like that. So I buy minced beef and make the burgers at home when I want some.

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  5. Taxes are a complicated matter ... in Germany, for example, you pay more taxes for food eaten at a restaurant than for takeout food - or was it the other way round? That's why many street food vendors use paper plates, that way it counts as takeaway even if the customers eat right at the shop. Or something like that, I'm confused.

    BTW, do you have a paypal account? I would like to help with the dog teeth cleaning, but I don't have a credit card. :-/

  6. I make my own bias tape all the time, but I've never used a tool like that before. Next time I see one, I'm getting it. That would make the process a lot faster and easier.

  7. I don't drink coffee, but I stopped by for a visit.
    Here in Michigan, we pay no sales tax on food products.
    I quit sewing a few years ago and threw out all my bias tape or I'd send you a big box of it. :-)

  8. I had to look up how to make a pom-pom. I knew how, but it'd been so long... So, I totally get looking up how to sew on bias tape.


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