Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It Won't Be In The Next Few Days

Murphy got Daisy stitches out. I'll keep it short on this post. But here is a LINK to Daisy fund raiser. I match all donation and also been sticking $20 away from my paychecks.

I've heard a lot of pro and cons on Greenies. Question time....Does anyone have an experience on Greenies or Dog dental stick?

Don't ask me why it dawn on me, that I need to send my last quarter taxes in. I around up to the nearest $5.00 dollars after 15.3% off the top of my paychecks and mail it to the United States Treasury.
Enough about taxes for a while. We here in United States files in April.

Went and weigh in at T.O.P.S today. I maintain no gain no lost. For being gone I was happy with the results.
Breakfast...Scramble eggs, brats, cheese, and toast
Lunch...took part of my breakfast and blue berries
Dinner...Roast pork, potatoes and pickle beets
Naughty food...candy, half of maple bar, cookie.

Now I'm trying to figure a color scheme for anther rug. Right now I have orange and purple in mine. But I would like two other colors to compliment those two colors.
I know it will be a while for I order.

I'm some what a history buff. I'm a buff about a lot thing. Not an expert on much of anything. Not a know it all.
I been watching VICTORIA the queen of England way back when. An only child and I'm an only child also.
But it seem strange that her MOM never left her daughter Victoria side. Sleeping in the same room.
Understanding that her DAD dad died when she was young.
Then they all seem to hanky panky on the other.
I wonder how many HALF SIBLINGS looks like her mom had two other children by her first husband who past.
But her dad had a few mistress in his time. I wonder how many children he actual had. History says Victoria was only child.
And her mother so called tied the apron string to her daughter.
What sort of fear did Victoria mother have that she had to be with her like that?
Wonder what sort of angry Victoria have toward her mother?

I thought my side had some genealogy nightmare. I only ran into a cousin marrying anther cousin. It was something like first cousin twice remove marrying each other. That was once way back in early 1700's.

Coffee is on


  1. I just happened to see that show was offered on Masterpiece on Sunday nights now. Without my Downton Abbey fix anymore, I will watch Victoria. People bath then, especially royalty, were always marrying cousins, that's why now, the Royals all look a little washed-out and pale. They have thinned out their gene pool. LOL That's why it was nice that Prince William married a commoner.

  2. DH bought the dogs some dental sticks, Jill wouldn't chew on them and Jack ate them like candy. Results were the same - Zilch.
    No telling how many half siblings Victoria had, think 'they' only count those children from a sanctioned marriage.

  3. Is this Queen Victoria of England you are researching? I've read a bit of history, not much, about Henry the eighth and all his mistresses and wives. So much confusion in the genealogy of the ancient royals.
    I see by your daily eating you don't eat much vegetables except potato. Other colours, like carrot and pumpkin and especially greens are very important. Fruit too, like apples, grapes, bananas.

  4. P.S. Greenies are a wonderful chew product for dogs to help clean their teeth and keep them healthy. There is a smaller version for cats too, but always sold out at my vet and pet stores here.

  5. I took a few classes on English history in college. Royals had to marry other royals to form political alliances. So by the Victorian era the crown heads of Europe were all related to each other, and were very much inbred. And if you've got some genetic disorder, like hemophilia, in the family, cousins who marry each other are more likely to produce children with the genetic disorder. That's what happened in the Russian royal family, Czar Nicholas' son and heir was a hemophiliac, and he relied on Rasputin to cure his son ...hatred of Rasputin was one of the rallying points of the Russian Revolution.

    Victoria's mother kept her isolated for a number of reasons. If she didn't have contacts with the outside world, she'd be more dependent on her mother for advice when she became queen. That, of course, didn't happen.

    But Victoria was also the granddaughter of King George III. He went insane at the end of his reign, and his son had to act as his regent. Those who opposed.Victoria early in her reign argued that insanity was an inheritable condition and that she was crazy.

  6. Interesting regarding the Royals and we don't know half of it.
    No vegetables only potato - never would I survive without my veggies several times a week would be something missing from my diet and I would crave veggies - oh well, we are all different.
    Had a box of chocolates given to me at Christmas time, still in the fridge not opened, might eat them in a year or two.
    Have a good day.

  7. Perhaps she had a lot of half-siblings that she never met. If she wasn't raised with them...

    Colors to add to your rug... I think maybe blue and yellow. Maybe red. I can't see green working in this instance, although maybe a black or white might make a nice contrast.


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