Monday, January 16, 2017

Get Excited

Not sure how I'll start today posting. I know one thing I'm going to try to avoid is political and religious stuff.
The 18th line from my blog I'll post a link. On my TWITTER page

I didn't sleep well. So took the day off from work and took Daisy out to play fetch. Actual we went twice. Our shadow was quite involved.
When my sleep pattern was off a bit. I start to watch the PBS Masterpiece VICTORIA Instead of going to bed after the show. I got on the computer to seek my question about the Royals. Some got answer and other didn't.
She kept quite the journal and letter writing. Wonder what she would of done if computer was back then.
To me the royal family sure seem as dysfunctional as any other family. It also got me wonder if all us does some type of psychology damage.

Now for my eating habit.
Breakfast BLT sandwich.
Lunch...Beef broth with beef chunk over potatoes and carrots
Dinner...Brats, Mac and Cheese, then also a green salad.
Naughty foods....Candy
Good foods...cheese, orange, and blueberies.

Got my health insurance paid. No mail going it Human Right Day what we call in Idaho. But some places call it MARTIN LUTHER KING JR day
Also some of the banks aren't open today. 
It slip my mind but it a good thing I remember before the 17th. I need to send in my last quarter of my taxes in.
For now I'm going to stick $20 from my pay check for Daisy teeth cleaning. But I would like to fine a different tin to place the money in.
There is a link on right hand side of this blog.
I match the donations.

I have to say I didn't do much. Did up the dishes today. Just not been into much.
Although I know there other blogs. But inquiring minds want to know. Question do you get those gossip papers? Here like the NATIONAL ENQUIRER I have gotten a few times but it been a while.
Sure glad my life is so uneventful that I wouldn't end up on gossip paper.
Wouldn't it be shocking to see your self or someone you actual know personally on one of those gossip papers.
I went though people who listed there blog in North Idaho. Most of them wasn't active for quite a few years. But I did fine a few that posted this month and left a comment. Confession time...I get excited when someone leaves a comment.

 Guess I'll fine out who will stop back over. But I'm not crossing my fingers.

Coffee is on


  1. I DO look at the covers of those rag magazines, while waiting in the check-out line at the Walmart, but don't buy any of them. I can barely afford food, let alone those magazines that sensationalize all the stuff they write about.

  2. I'm watching Victoria, too. I'm of the same mind about the royals being as dysfunctional as anyone. (If not worse)
    No, haven't seen a gossip rag in ages. They are a real waste of money.

  3. I ignore the gossip rags. Celebrity stuff bores me.

  4. When i was small i have enjoyed seeing my shadows...

  5. It's nice to find new blogs and get comments back when you leave one there.
    I never read any of those gossip magazines. Most of that stuff is probably not true, just taken a small event and sensationalised it.

  6. We are also watching Victoria. The National Enquirer would have had a field day reporting some of the events of her early reign.

  7. I'm also watching Victoria. Interesting series so far.

  8. I don't think Victoria has been shown here although we have an awful lot of statues, roads, parks etc named after her.

  9. i never buy, no do i even look at those gossip magazines, none of that interests me. not familiar with victoria?? perhaps i am missing something great but i don't watch too much t.v.!!

    perhaps you have lost your mojo. it happens to me from time to time, but it doesn't usually last long. i love reading comments on my blog - you left a comment on mine but i did not receive an email alerting me. i'm glad i caught it the other way!!!!

  10. I'm not even sure Victoria is showing on my PBS station - I better check.
    Worried about health insurance being cancelled. Ugh!


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