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Friday, December 16, 2016

To Much Or Not Enough

Went to work and I thought I share my day and photos. I was going to put angel hair on the tree. Change my mind. But I could change it back. Maybe a little garland.

Meant Murphy the senior center and had there Christmas ham dinner. More then usual. The manger push a cart of sweets and I thought my name wouldn't be in the drawing. Well my number came up and I picked a slice of spice cake.
Gave it to Murphy to bring home. We split it.

I'm stumped on what to give my hubby for Christmas. Last year I got him some PJ pants and they help him with night cramps for his legs.
I just don't want to get him the same thing I did in 2015.
I usual make a short list of things I could use or want. The only thing I can come up with is slippers. So I need figure out four more items. Maybe a bottle scotch.

Still working on last bit of locker hook trivet. I real like doing it but I believe some time shortly after the new year I might order some RUG CANVUS and try actual to make some rugs.

On the crochet rag rug I been working on. Complete on green section.

Start the section of gold, and thought it would be more bling with gold fabric. Sort of dis-pointed at this point. Maybe once I go into a large section of brown, I may have different look about it.
Also not sure of the size it will be once it done.

Well I forgot I have one more gift to get. I usual get something for Sawyer in law. I'm going to pick up a little loose tea at REX THEATER TEA COMPANY.
I live in our community and like to support my community when I can. Not one of my Christmas gift came out of wal-mart.

Coffee is on


  1. I like your tree! Very festive!

    DH is hard to buy for. I did pick up a record player for him to listen to his old LPs.

    I am loving your rug, looking good!

  2. At first I thought your tree could use a little tinsel, but then I saw it with the lights turned on and it's very pretty. Doesn't need anything else.

  3. A bottle of Scotch is such a temporary gift and soon gone......but wow, what a great gift it is.

  4. I think your tree looks great. I bought my husband a couple of books this year--one on how smart octopuses are and one on what goes on in a fish's mind--can't think of anything else at the moment. He has yet to do any Christmas shopping. This is typical. The zipper on his favorite winter jacket (it is so ugly that the daughters and I have been hoping for 10 years that it would wear out) just stopped working, so he now has to pull the loathsome thing on over his head. I suggested that when he went to the grocery store yesterday that he go into the clothing store next door and get a new jacket. He said, "Good idea," but didn't do it. Also typical. Anyway, back to Christmas shopping. I want a new landline phone. One with caller ID (preferably easy to read), no static, no buzzing, and adjustable volume. This requires a visit to a big box store and weighing the pros and cons of several models. I presented an ultimatum. Showed him an ad for a $3000 bracelet and said, "Either the bracelet or the phone" He said, "I'll go with the bracelet."

  5. I got my boyfriend tickets to see a comedian he loves. Should be a fun night.

    Your tree is very pretty.

  6. I think your tree is just perfect :) I love it!!

    Have a Merry Christmas :)

  7. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas everywhere i go.

  8. Yay for shopping locally. I really like your tree. Haven't put one up here yet.

  9. Love the rag rug.


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