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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Nice Hot Bath

It been a little while since I posted. Not much going on which I'm always grateful for. Confession time...I don't like much excitement in my life....duller the better.
Generally the first thing I do is toss Daisy ''Santa" And Murphy toss her ball a bit outdoors today. I did the other day once the county road was plowed out. There hardly any traffic on our road.
There two dwelling down at end of the road.

Talking about Daisy she has a go fund me page. Link on the right hand side of the blog.

Today I took Regis to his speech therapist. And we went down to Pain Clinic in Sandpoint. His left hip been giving him trouble. Actual he in quite a bit of pain and having trouble with his balance. Lucky he has both has Medicare and Medicaid.
So his first shot will be next Wednesday. But before that he need to get and xray of his hip. He can do that right before or after speech on Tuesday.

If Regis is having this much trouble next week and after been seen at pain clinic. I might put in a quest for more hours with him.
Right now he getting 15 hours a week

So as I was running Regis about I address a few Christmas Cards. Also did some of locker hook trivet I been working on.
Don't mine the colors I just can't get into how the colors are being laid out.

Weigh in and I was just hoping for a turtle. That what we call a maintain in weight. I need to move my little counter up.
One thing I know I don't get enough exercise. There a tread mill and like a rowing machine in our basement.
But I find it boring to just go on either one of them.
But what I'm thinking is taking the boom box. Yes I have a boom box. To listen to some music and possible story.

I knew there might be possible trouble with foundation to our home on the north-side. During the winter we can't do anything about it.
So I'm clueless why Murphy brought it up.
We could hear like a water dripping late last fall. But we're not sure exactly where the water was coming from.
So after the winter, snow gone, and January thaw we need to look into it. See what going on.
Got my finger cross it not some type of SINKHOLE. Never heard of one here. Most of the soil around here is clay and rock is granite.

On the way home I was listen to news on Public Radio. And they was talking about giving everyone free money in FINLAND to take care of one basic needs. Of carouse tax free.
Question time...How much does it cost to take care of your basic need where you live? Here in United States depends where you live would change from area to area.
A one bedroom apartment in San Francisco could run you $3,500 and around here a one bed room here would be about $650.
Utilities wouldn't be included here. Air Condition isn't something you would need here.You would have to pay for heat in the winter months.
I would guess a good average for utilities would be averaging about $125 a month. Food per person one could get buy on $450 a month.
Since we could go on and on what is consider basic needs. Opinion time I believe everyone should be afford medical needs. So since we don't have a one payer system I'm not sure what to put for that.
Then there clothes, and house hold up keep. So let just say $225.
That would add up to $1450 a month.

After dinner I took a hot bath and it felt good.

Coffee is on


  1. Utilities here are very expensive, we have the highest electricity and water costs in my State. So costs vary according to what we need or use.
    I set aside a certain amount each month and make advance payments online, a little bit more than I need to, so when I get my electric bill it is already paid with a bit in credit for the next one. Same with my gas bill.
    My rent varies because I pay weekly and some months have four Thursdays and some months have five Thursdays, so rent is either $342.40 or $428 each month, for my one bedroom flat.
    I have a set amount for groceries and from that I buy food for me, food for my cat and any medications I might need, like my asthma inhaler and antihistamine for hayfever, but I don't need those every week, the asthma inhaler lasts two months each time. Any money left over at the end of the month goes into my lockbox where I'm saving for my dentist appointments and for Angel's annual checkup and vaccination and insurance at the vet.

  2. The cost of living here is rising. Having the house paid for does help a lot. Not at all sure how well we would do if DH couldn't work at all.

    I still have a few Christmas cards to write, but I think I have gone as far as I'm going with the holiday. I still need to buy my son some socks.

    I'd love a nice soaking bath, but I would never get out of the tub, hahaha.

  3. The cost of living on Long Island, NY is...outrageous is the word for it.

    Yes, the boom box is a good idea for when you're using the treadmill.

  4. There are people who like to read while on the treadmill. Listening to music is a good idea. Could you get a TV over to it and watch? That might help, too.

  5. Totally agree that people should be able to pay for their medical needs and it's a crying shame that too many people are unable to do so.


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