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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Comfort and Joy

Yesterday Saturday Murphy and I was heading to our pagan group Yule and winter celebration. Stop in at Super One to bring something to the celebration in the food line.
The entry of store had carolers sing GOD REST YE MERRY GENTLE MEN
We had a nice ritual to welcome the sun (son) and a visit from the OAK KING which was our high priestess who grandson play the part.
He went around to each of us and gave us a hug and rock. All the rocks had a sun on one side, flip side it had inspire word. Mine was "Peace"
But each of us had to give him peace of advice. Mine was "Stand up for what you believe is true" I'm guessing he was 4 or 5 years old.
Part Ritual we had a healing mediation, and for me I say purple lights.
Had a ham dinner with all sort of goodies. Drum afterward.

I don't believe in the christian version of Satan. I do believe in evil and nastiness. Which takes all shapes and forms. The person in red, horns and pitch fork no it not scary to me.
I watch out for those negative adjectives....pompous, lazy, arrogant, deceitful, mean, untrustworthy, and I know there more to this list.
Confession time...Not say I haven't fell short in these area. At times I could of listen better. I have I haven't been always been 100% honest on every little detail in my life. No but not trying to sound bagful.  I give my self a score of 97% honest.
Actual I find comfort and joy developing my own good spirit....resourceful, gentle, sensitive, amusing, warmhearted and many more.
Our physical and spirit is consist work in progress.

Got my children package wrap that lives in Medford. I believe I will use the post office in Naples on Monday the one in Bonners Ferry I will have to stand in line close to an hour.
Naples will be faster.

Still need to finish up a locker hook trivet for my Bart and Sierra. And rag rug for the family gathering on Christmas eve.
But haven't heard hair or hide of what going on.

If any one willing to put up $13.50 on Daisy Go fund me account. I will be willing to MATCH IT and it will be bring up the total to $325. 

Coffee is on


  1. It's nice when Carolers go around.

    I didn't get everything done that I wanted to, I did get most of the stuff sent off. I will have to call it good enough.

  2. 97% honesty is a really good score. I don't think I would get that high and I think I'm a good person. but I'm lazy too and sometimes selfish.

  3. Are you referring to Medford, OR? If so, I have a story to tell you.

  4. Sounds like you had a nice holiday,

  5. Didn't know you're a pagan! Sounds like you have some interesting rituals and celebrations! ;)

  6. Your Yule celebration sounds lovely.

  7. i love christmas carols. i don't know much about pagans other than ancient romans were pagans.


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