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Monday, November 14, 2016

Some Thing I Need Some Glasses

Took me a short time to find my glasses. I just start to sew my green strips together and quickly I bent a sewing machine needle.
First of I couldn't fine my reading glasses. Murphy got it loose and I then could put in a new needle.
And I dug in my pause and there was my reading glasses.
Not sure if I will go back to sewing strips or not.

Liz and I quickly drove up to Trail creek and see if for some reason a white tail would pop up. We didn't have much time her social worker was coming in the afternoon.
Then I went over to Regis and did some house hold chores. And watch AMERICAN PICKERS. I wonder how much they actual sell at there store, ANTIQUE ARCHAEOLOGY.
Most Antique stores I been in there items seem to sell for higher mark up. Then the thrift stores but it still fun to window shop a bit.

Other then that one of the local counselor called and told my husband that my Affordable health exchange in IDAHO was going up.
Right now the insurance company charges me $404 a month. But I get subsidy of $321.00 which leaves me to pay $83.00.
But still I have to pay $40 for each office call. And my deducible is $5,000 and I pay the first $5,000 out of pocket. Never came close.
So I will go in on the 23rd and see what I can fine. I was told by one of the health exchange counselor a person shouldn't pay over 8% of there income for health insurance.
My husband is on MEDICARE.
We're told here in United States country with socialize medical or a one pay system have to wait a long time to get any medical treatment. I know there no free ride in life. But health insurance must be making a profit, there CEO seem to be doing ok.

I believe I will be down when I weigh in, tomorrow but the scale don't lie.

Coffee is on


  1. so hard to imaging paying for health care as I have lived in the uk with free health care all my life.

  2. I really would like to see Universal health care for all in the US. It seems to me that equal and fair health care for all would be what would help to stabilize our society and not base a oerson's health on their job or lack of job.

  3. All I know is - we pay too much for our health insurance. I seldom use it. I imagine my part of one month covers what I use for the year. DH may use 2 month's worth ...

    That Pickers Show - I wouldn't pay what they 'say' they will get for a lot of that stuff. Maybe some people have a problem or too much money.

  4. Hari OM
    I've reached the stage of having a pair of glasses in every room and specific to task... In Australia, private health insurance was introduced, the idea being to give relief to Medicare; but it's a rort. No other way to put it. If one is of reasonably good health and always below the refundable it it all goes to the company. I never took it out. I agree with PipeT, health care really is one of those things which ought to be universal... sigh... YAM xx

  5. Health care is one of those things that shouldn't be run for profit. But, yet, we do. And we suffer for it.

  6. I love browsing through antique stores, I never buy, but some things bring back memories. I see things that were in many homes when I was young and I think then of my friends who I would visit with after school and some of them had their grandmas living with them so the homes had lovely old things that I now see only in antique shops.


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