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Sunday, November 06, 2016

On The First Day.

Sunday is our first day of our work week. But most people consider having Saturday and Sunday is the weekend or two days off from work.

I got My friend Alice start on locker hook and I even start anthor tiviet. This one will be for the prize basket for our local who lost the most weight before Thanksgiving. This time I'm mainly doing it in fall colors but every so often I'll slip something in. Possible a color that will brighten or even possible shock some.

Since I switch over to Tylenol I seem to do much better. When I was taking Ibbprofen I had to eat like a race horse or my stomch would be up set.
Breakfast French toast with peanut butter, fresh fruit, and bacon.
Lunch some type of bean and cornbread cassrole.
Dinner Chicken fried steak, bake pototo with blue cheese, and swiss chard.
The nly snack was plain pop corn. Which I'm eating as I type this.

As for my next rag rug. Got all the brown cut in strips and sewn together. Now cutting the green strips.
I was going to give it away for our family white elephant gift exchange. But now it looks like my sister in law Faith and her husband is going to California for the winter months.
So since I'm a betting person. I just don't see them having Christmas there. Her Grand daughter and Grandson will be staying there. To mainly keep the pipes and such from freezing up.
Anyhow if it was my place. I wouldn't want to have a Christmas party even if it family.
So we're having Thanksgiving dinner next Saturday the 12th. I believe there living around the 15th and returning the end of Febuary or first part of March.

Getting up early and going hunting with Liz up on Trail Creek. I think Murphy is going but he did so much hunting as kid. He has no desire to do it. But he interested in spotting an alpine fir for a possible Christmas tree. Or lease they do smell good.

Coffee is on


  1. Oh, man, the holidays are jumping up on us now, aren't they. Hard to believe it, isn't it? You seem more prepared than I.

  2. The trivets look nice, but I would never use one. I have metal trivets to put my hot pots onto.

  3. You are going hunting? For what?

  4. Too bad your family is traveling for the holidays.

  5. lol, I choose Monday as the start of the week :)


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