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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Maybe We Will Have a Different President

Most people I've talk to isn't planning to watch the presidential results come in. I'm not sure if Hubby and I are but if we do I'll work on some locker hook project.
Decided to make Liz a set of four coasters for her Christmas gift.

Weigh in was good. Lost 2.25 pounds. I gain when I was on ibuprofen.
Simple because I had to eat so much or my stomach would of been up set. My hip is general getting better but like today I was starting to have trouble with it.

Dinner Murphy made some type of soup with leeks in it. But I'll wait a bit to have some.

Been cutting up strips for the rag rug I'll be doing for Christmas. Hopeful the first of December I can get busy crochet on it.
Not having a sewing machine did put my behing a bit.

Vote early this time around. But I have to say I'll be glad when this election is over...I haven't been sharing anything politcal (Social Media) last week, although I have liked and commet on some post...But what every the results are I will except them as my President of the United States. Even if my Canidate doesn't win.
Editor note...This what I post on my status

Coffee is on


Liz A. said...

I'm about ready to turn on the TV and see what's what. For a moment or two. Then to the DVR and the week's worth of shows I'm behind on.

S. J. Qualls said...

I just too a peek at the early outcome ... Tomorrow will prove very interesting!

Andrew said...

The result will become pretty well known as our evening tv news bulletins go to air. I might read a book tonight.

River said...

My neighbour has just popped over to tell me a certain obnoxious person is ahead by one point, but that can change, it's only one point.


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