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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Haven't Shock Hands.

Just going list there names. A while back I had my D.N.A done and there a 70% change these people are related to me....Ruben Musslewhite...RosaAnna Musslewhite...Sterling Monroe Ruth...Isabel Wilkins McCleve....Lucretia Hupper...Mary Trueworthy Carter...Patrick Luther Patterson...Gillie Ann Combest....James Franklin Pesnel...and...Harrison Hinson.
If I had the brains and was starting my life. I sure wasn't ivy league bound. I would became a GENETICIST I guess I want to know about people, my people. Just not dates. There no close case it never runs cold.
I like to know even the largest and smallest fact. Like what did they eat, which books they read, how much pouch tobacco was, and the list goes on and on.
Still looking for more info on 2nd great grand father John Shirley who made shoes.

Work and sometime I just shake my head. Took Regis over to his speech, but he kept falling asleep. I even ask him if he took much of his medication. He said “no” Every so often he over does his medicine.
He use to get his medication once a month, and usual he mess up on. But now he got his bubble packs which he gets once week and it works so much better.
If I had to be on a medication regiment I would get bubble packs.
Stop in at Liz all went well for her son Paul in court.

As Regis was in speech I walk over to Clinic to make an appointment to finish up my medical insurance. I want a little help to get though the finely stages.
For years my husband and I had no medical insurance coverage. Our oldest son cost us $23,000 and we did pay it off, with my inheritance. But in the mean time they had a lien against everything we own.
Confession time....President elect Trump policy and who he picking for his cabinet worries me.

I lost most weight in our weight lost group. 2.50 pounds this week.

Got some more strips cut out, and hook together.

I got anther donation for Daisy teeth cleaning. And
“Thank you” On the right hand side there is link “Daisy Teeth Cleaning” One my coffee pals suggest instead of Daisy teeth cleaning. Have it “Daisy Medical Care” Not sure how to word it but I have to say I like this ideal.

I know one thing I'll be doing tomorrow is paying bills and I'm clueless about the rest day.

Coffee is on


  1. We are thinking about doing DNA tests. DH is curious as to how much native American blood he has and I would like to know how pure my blood is. Ha Ha. I would like to test my dog, Jack, but think that is an expense we don't need about now.

  2. Hi, I will be back. I met you at the Professor's place. Off on a trip for a few days, and can't take the Internet with me. I'll visit again when we get back.

  3. Hari Om
    I know what you mean about learning the minutiae of lives lived... that's what really ties us to the thread of history and reminds us that, one day, we will be the ones being researched!

    Re the GFM page; keep it 'up front' and simply declare an "upgrade to Daisy's General Health Fund, due to aging and sudden onset problems taking precedence over teeth... but that the teeth remain the focus for the funding." Your matching of the gifts is a great idea Dora, as it shows correct intent; I know from experience that lots of folk worry about who's genuine and who's not. YAM xx

  4. I think it's a myth that you need to be Ivy League bound to have a career as a scientist. It's more a matter of interest than intellect. It's just a matter of putting the work in.


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